Vivo launches Vivo X9s and X9s Plus Dual Selfie Camera Smartphones

Vivo Announces X9s and X9s Plus

Vivo just announced updated versions from their X9 line. The Vivo X9s and X9s Plus were unveiled recently and some primary specs are already out. The X9 series is known for having a dual selfie camera set up which is a hit for Filipinos. Some of the Vivo X9s and X9s Plus’ specs include better batteries and bigger screens than their predecessors.

Vivo X9s and X9s Plus specs

Vivo made the announcement and China and have released some of the specs already. The phones will be running on the Android Nougat. They will also have an FHD display with the X9s Plus having a 5.85 inch one. For cameras, they come packed with a 16MP and 20MP rear camera set up, plus dual 5MP front cameras. They also are supposed to have a fingerprint sensor, and will have 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage. Aside from a smaller screen and battery on the X9s, both share the same specs with  X9s Plus sporting a 4,015 mAh battery.

Vivo X9s and X9s Plus specs

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