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Vonage introduces Unlimited Calling to the Philippines

Wanting to capitalize on the 2 million Filipinos living in the US having ties with their friends and relatives in the Philippines, Vonage recently launched their unlimited calling plan to the Philippines.

philippines unlimited

With the Philippines Unlimited plan, subscribers can do unlimited calling to both landline and mobile numbers in the Philippines, as well as unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for $64.99/month (plus taxes and fees). This is a VoIP solution so you would need an internet connection and the Vonage Phone Adapter whenever you want to place a call. But still, it can connect to any landline or mobile number in the Philippines.

Now here’s what I noticed, this plan is a bit steep at $64.99/month. Compare it to Vonage Pro which has unlimited calling to Italy, France, Spain, UK and Ireland for only $34.99/month. And compare it to their Vonage World where you can make unlimited calls to 60 other countries for only $14.99 monthly! So why is it that Filipinos in the US are charged more to place calls in the Philippines?

I was able to ask a Vonage rep about this and they said that as much as they want to include the Philippines in Vonage World, the local carriers here charge them a very high rate to complete the calls. Ouch.

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  • I’m sure our relatives in the States would love this feature.

  • we do have a Vonage here at home and yes they are very expensive!!! My mother in law doesn’t have any choice but to pay $64 because she always wants to talk to his grandson. I hope they can lower the rates….

  • Harley Son


  • MobileLINK.Asia offers unlimited calling to the Philippines starting at only $29.98 a month. No need for special equipment, programed sims, computers or internet.

    Visit: http://www.mobilelink.asia

  • jason

    DOT NOT bother with MOBILELINK.ASIA I’ve tried them before and it was horrible. People im calling cannot hear me good and they sound like they are underwater. do not bother. you get what you pay for.

  • lourence

    i use Oopa communication unlimited calling for just $45 a month .. voice quality 9/10, very convenient and affordable. just visit their website @ oopacommunication.com to know more. highly recommended!

  • anna

    i use magicjack though, pretty amazing!

  • jeru

    what u guys taking about.i called vonage and they dont offer unlimetd calling in the phillipines

    • Christian

      Hi there, I have the Philippines unlimited from vonage and had subscribed last year. For some reason I was looking into their website and could not find the unlimited plan for Philippines anymore. But anyway just to let you know, it really is not unlimited, your monthly usage is limited to 3000 min., and if you exceed you will get a call from them and an email stating that your usage is irregular and exceeding their normal call activity, funny but true. But, I guess the unlimited plan for Philippines is not available anymore for new subscribers.

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