Waiting for 2010 before getting a netbook

If you’re planning to buy a netbook I would suggest waiting for January next year at least. Intel just announced their next-generation Intel Atom (N450 for netbooks) processors codenamed Pine Trail today.

Although the Intel Atom N450 has a few improvements over the first generation Atom N270/280’s, it is still worth waiting for. It has the same speed at 1.66GHz but the graphics and memory controller are already embedded on the CPU die compared to the 3-chip solution of the old Intel Atom.


The new platform resulted in 20% lower power consumption and 60% reduction to package size which will lead to thinner and lighter netbooks with longer battery life. We will probably see 6 to 7-hour straight computing netbooks as the norm with the new Intel Atom.

The integrated graphics (GMA 3150) has been improved as well allowing your Atom-powered netbooks to support HD movies.

Even with the new platform, Intel doesn’t expect newer netbook price to increase. It is estimated that it will be in the $350 – $400 price range.

Official launch of Intel Atom N450 powered netbooks will be on January 4, 2010 so better hold on to your netbook budget. Can’t wait for some cheap thin netbooks myself.

If you’re planning to buy a netbook I would suggest waiting for January next year at least.

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  • grabe talaga ang technology. super bilis. dati happing happy na ako sa pentium 1. pero ngaun asan na ang pentium 1. ala na , nasa basurahan na.

  • OMG I just bought my notebook this Dec

  • This is for netbooks so you’re ok unless your notebook also has an Intel Atom. 😛

  • I think the Atom N450 was announced way back…

  • I take a look at the production roadmap leaks from Chinese manufacturers to determine when it is a good time to buy new tech stuff.

  • Now is the best time to buy a netbook. If you wait until 2010 you’ll be missing out on great models already available. What netbook out there is going to be better than the 1201N?

    N450 netbooks mean that you won’t be able to use advanced graphics and the 3150 in this Atom processor isn’t going to cut the mustard.

    This was Intel’s way of giving Nvidia the big middle finger. Why else would they make sure the video card is built in?

    Chance Stevens,
    Editor, http://www.netbookreports.com

  • Great news! I am thinking of buying for myself a notebook, but since you shared this news from Intel, I guess have to wait and see what this could offer especially as you said that the upgraded model will not really perk up the price.

  • @Chance

    Nvidia just announced that Ion2 will be compatible with Intel’s Pine Trail…


  • yeah I think january would be a good idea to buy a net book because new technologies will be released.

    Lets just hope that the competition is high so that prices would be low.

  • You are probably right.

    Prices would be low if the competitions are high and the demands are low.

    You choose the best net book that would satisfy your needs.

  • Hope that i could buy one too!

  • sylv3rblade

    I agree 😀 Now if we can only get the PineTrail and Ion2 on the same board soon 😀

  • zoegod

    just bought my ion based netbook and now im hearing ion2! grrr

  • Zoegod i guess u had to wait for sometime… ha ha ha…. i have suffered from such stuffs a lot.. but we cant do anything man.. as the technology grows up, new products get launched..