WALdok, a wall plug-in speaker/charger for your iPod

Here’s a concept, a speaker and charger all-in-one for your iPhone and iPod that plugs directly to any wall socket.


With WALdok, you can charge or play music on better speaker without having to deal with pesky cables so its more easy to bring along with you when you travel. Sure you have a nice iPod dock already but could you easily put it in any room of the house whenever you want to? No more desk space for your iPod speaker? WALdok doesn’t need one. You can enjoy good music even when you’re showering. All you need is a free wall socket.


Here are its main features:

  • Wall plug-in cordless charger dock compatible with most Apple iDevices (those that use the 30-pin connector)
  • High quality speaker that plugs directly into standard wall sockets
  • Bass chamber that reverberates and simulates a sub-woofer
  • Internal battery so it can also be used as a desktop speaker
  • Flip out retractable plugs for sleeker portability

So what do you think of WALdok? Is it a good idea?


Here’s the thing, most of our wall sockets are located below knee-level and behind couches or side tables. With that in mind, sound distribution won’t be optimal and there’s the likelihood of having a stray leg bumping it off the socket or kids playing with it. It would also be nice if the pin orientation can be changed to support horizontal sockets.

Still, it’s a pretty good concept for a speaker/charger dock if you travel frequently since hotel rooms have better wall socket placement than a traditional house.

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  • any idea about the price? mukhang ok magkaron nito.. if cheaper.. 🙂

    • concept pa lang sir. wala pa sa production.