Wanna publish a book?

This is a great way for Pinoy book-author-wannabees to get started.

I was listening to episode 17 of TWiT yesterday evening, where RedHat co-founder Bob Young discussed his latest project, Lulu.

What I heard was very, very interesting. Lulu basically offers publishing-on-demand.

According to the corporate profile:

Lulu is the web’s premier independent publishing marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. It’s the only place on the web where you can publish, sell and buy any and all things digital “” books, music, comics, photographs, movies and well, you get the idea. We simply provide the tools that leave control of content in the hands of the people who created the content. You see, Lulu is a technology company, not a publisher. So you can use Lulu to publish and sell any kind of digital content, and no one here is going to ask you to change anything. Ever.

Wow.  So Lulu allows anyone with content to be able to put out hard-copies, and not have to worry about dealing with traditional publishers. Heard they also publish content on optical media and downloadable electronic format.

Now your only problem is marketing and generating demand for your book / CD / DVD / e-Book. But hey, you now have a medium.

This opens up the world of publishing to the authors who are being turned down by the big publishing outfits because they simply cannot be profitable with the traditional publication business model. With Lulu, you don’t have the large overhead costs and the bulk printing requirements. Books are printed (or CDs/DVDs mastered) only upon purchase. Talk about efficiency.

And they only get a 20% cut of the revenues. Big-time publishers get an 80% cut of the profits (revenues minus the costs–so that leaves you next to nothing).

And get this: you have full editorial control over your oeuvre.

I’d say this is Gutenberg reloaded.  Lulu is practically reinventing the publishing business.

I gotta start writing my memoirs!

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  • > Books are printed (or CDs/DVDs mastered) only upon purchase.

    So, pano, they do have hard copy books and they’re not just ebooks? Hmmmm… Interesting.

    What I have seen on the web before is a project named something like 1 billion books. They (aim to) keep a database of a billion books, make it available to their partners around the world (or maybe available to everybody).

    When anybody needs a printed book, they can just order it from the local partner and it will be printed for them.

    parang ganun.

    ka edong

  • dawood saidi

    hi…im dawood and i’m on da verge of completing my first book and i obviously think it’s a great book so far but other people might not think so! the only way to find out of course, is to publish it!help me…

  • So how can we reach Lulu?

    I am here in Saudi Arabia and am really serious pursuing to have my novel on hardcopy. I just know know how to get it started, who to go to, and how to get in touch with people (esp that I am in Saudi).

    Hope you can help me.

    Thank you for this info.


  • Anj

    So paano magpapapublish kay Lulu? how can we reach Lulu?
    I want to publish my poems ..without changing the contents or the words of it.

  • Thanks for this very helpful post. More power to your website. 🙂

    • sherwin

      thanks for the info.. im still working on my first book on innovation of boxing.. i think this would help

  • mhey

    pls let us know the process on how to publish our poems…thank u so much…im hoping to receive ur response

  • Paul

    I don’t know what is the process on publishing the book that I had wrote. What are the procedures that I need to follow and to whom do I need to talk with??

    Can you help me??

  • nice to know this information.

    i’m dreaming to publish a book for kids and non fiction. hopefully lulu can help me.

  • catnip

    It is really enthralling to know that Lulu exist
    however I am wondering of to whom I can further discuss
    the publishing terms. I have just concluded the first part of my trilogy and I am eager for it to be published 🙂

  • my friends want me to write a story so gumawa ako ng story na hindi ko pa naipapakita sa kanila at gustong-gusto ko talagang magkaroon ng published book and i want people to read it kasi nakaka heart warming talaga ang stories ko eh, so kung matutulungan mo akong mapublish ang book ko just text me, 09083393779

  • I have a book and its about to finish..this book was base on my story and the true friendship. This book will inspire many lives, its about my hardwork and dedication on how I become secrete millionaire and helping my bestfriend to start dreaming. it tackles about money and my love life…I need a publisher please help me…