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Want to know about free and open source software?

There are two events this coming September that would help you know more about free and open source software.

  • Software Freedom Day – September 10, 9am-5pm, PUP Sta Mesa CoE AVR
    On that day, get to know what free open and open source software (F/OSS) are and its relevance to us. Have you heard of Linux but you don’t really know what it is? Would you like to see free and open source software at work? And we are not just talking about Linux but also open source applications that you could run on Windows 😉 Aside from Firefox and OpenOffice.org, there are other such software that you could see and try out for yourselves. You could also have a copy of a GNU/Linux distribution copied so you could try it out for yourself at home. On that day, the community of free and open source enthusiasts will also be there so you could meet them and also talk with them about your concerns with F/OSS.

    For more details, you could check out the Software Freedom Day Philippines wiki and softwarefreedomday.org. It would also be nice if you could register for this event. The registration page is here and there are no fees whatsoever to join this event.

  • Linux World Philippines Conference – Sept 14-16, Dusit Hotel Nikko, Makati City
    As it says on the Philippine Linux Users’ Group page for this event:

    LinuxWorld Conference Philippines 2005 aims to bring together GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source advocates from all over the country. It also aims to demystify GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source to non-technical and management people who have plans of using the software in the future.

    There are various talks during this conference: business applications, administration, advocacy, etc. The complete schedule is here. The rates for the fees to this event are here.

Interested? Hope to see you there =)

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