Wanted: Podcast Outsourcing Services

Michael Arrington, a noted Web 2.0 observer, wrote about companies that he would like to start up. This includes:

8. Podcast Transcriptions

Podcasters need transciptions. Many people don’t have the time or inclination to listen to every podcast they want to. Search engines can’t index the content. Transctiptions fix both problems.

Hire transcribers in a low cost country. Offer podcasters reasonably priced transcriptions (bonus: in multiple languages). I’m thinking $10 per half hour. Partner with the podcast directories, search engines and tool providers. Mint money.

The comments for that page are very interesting, offering suggestion and criticism.

He then followed up regarding transcribing podcasts. He noted that transcription services exist, but are expensive. What’s the ideal for him?

I am thinking of this more from a cost basis. I’d imagine that you could hire people in the US (students, etc.) for $10/hour to do this type of work. Assuming they were productively transcribing half the time, that is still only $.33 per minute. Use labor from the Phillipines or India and this price would decrease dramatically. Tack on a reasonable profit margin, and you have a business.

So who wants to do it? While existing legal and medical transcription companies can adapt, the average podcast is probably worth less per word than the serious stuff. But of course advertising is a wild card.

And then, along the production side of things – given a concept, or a script – a local company can produce professional podcasts for international release.

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  • Well, me and a few friends are interested and I’ve also started a blog on it. Not yet polished but a start.

  • Give John a call at (301) 674-4272 and visit our website at http://www.theaudioedge.org.
    We can assist with your podcasting project.

  • The success in outsourcing business processes to India has encouraged global firms to outsource their high-end knowledge work which requires knowledge intensive domain expertise. We are in the business of transcribing audio pod casts of medical and other advanced scientific topics into verbatim text and creation of basic metadata and indexing keywords for making the transcripts searchable using keywords.

     Pod casts will be transcribed verbatim by experienced transcribers
     Further value addition will be done to clean up the transcripts by removing grammatical errors and redundant expressions
     Web research will be done to check on the accuracy of the names and proper nouns
     Technical editing for checking on the accuracy of the technical terminologies
     Copy editing and proof reading to check spelling errors

    In addition in the medical domain our offerings include medical information, medical databases, abstracts of medical articles, medical indexing and cataloging, medical classification, medical thesaurus and drug database. All of which require professionalism and technological knowledge. Our medical team comprises of in-house medical professionals. In house content writers, editors and medical panel comprising of medico professionals spanning across various areas.

    Many peoples don’t have the time or inclination to listen to every pod cast they want to. Hence we can transcribe your pod cast files and the transcribed content can be included in your site in addition to the audio files which will be very convenient for your end users.

    We would be glad to carry out a pod cast transcription for free, so that you can test our capabilities and feel comfortable in terms of working with us in the future

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  • Joshua Schmidt

    Have you guys tried http://www.etranscriber.net
    I got a 70 minute video transcribed at a very reasonable price. The service and the transcription work was awesome

    They have a separate link for podcast transcriptions. http://www.etranscriber.net/podcastranscription%20service.htm

    Hope this was helpful

  • Anjo

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