Warning: Lost Comments

For some still unexplained reason, a lot of the comments in the last week or so suddenly vanished here on PTB when I wke up this morning. It included my latest entry on the iFrogz iPod case.

Let me try to explain before anyone sends us some hate mail demanding why we deleted their comments. 🙂

About a month ago, I got a new dedicated server and move most of the blogs into that new rig. It took me about two weeks later to finally migrate PinoyTechBlog into that server. So, in the last 10 days or so, I assumed that everything is fine and that the domian is resolving to the new server.

However, up last night, it would seem that most people are still seeing the blog from the old server and not the new one (delayed DNS repropagation — very, very delayed…). Thus, all comments coming in the last week or so were still stored in the old server — even the post I made last night.

So, what I am doing right now is exporting the comments from the old server and importing them back in here.

Hopefully, I won’t miss any of the comments. If I did, please send us a feedback on which blog entry you posted your comment and I will try to look for it. If it’s a short comment, please indulge us and just repost them.

Thanks and apologies for the hiccups.

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