WD TV Mini Review

We had the Western Digital TV Mini media player for about two weeks to test, evaluate and play around. Here’s our brief review about this super portable media player.

Its slogan that says turn your USB drive into a media player is simply true. But before we go into further details,  let us guide you first what’s included in the box when you buy it.


The box contains the AC adapter and one AV cable that connects the media player to your TV’s AV input. Of course, do note that this is the analog input so look for the RCA input at the back of your TV set. There’s also another cable for RGB connection, and finally the media player itself.

This very portable media player comes very handy especially when you want to bring it over to a friend’s house and you can easily set it up in no time. Just don’t forget your USB drives that contains your movies.

The home screen looks like this.


You get five icons – Movie, Music, Photo, File Folder and and Settings in the home screen.

The equally small remote control is something you should not forget. It’s the only way to control the player.


Watching your downloaded movies can be done in a snap. I think this is one of the strong feature of Western Digital, it loads the movie file very fast. I never experienced choking or lag time from loading the file up to the end of the video.

Another feature worth mentioning is that the WD TV Mini recalls the last scene where you left. The next time you play the movie, it will suggest whether you want to start over or play from where you left the last time you played it.


I also tried viewing photos from my thumb drive, and just as it play movies smoothly, it did the same for pictures.


After having played few movies, browsed photos, tested its features; here are my conclusions about the WD TV Mini:

  • It’s portability is the best; you can carry this on your vacation and play your movies in your hotel room
  • If you are not yet into full HD playback, this will be your ideal, affordable media player; ideal for CRT and non HD LCD TV
  • Playback is smooth! No hiccups, no choking and it does not heat up that much
  • Fast boot up time
  • It is cheap. For a price of P2,500.00, you will probably think of replacing your old DVD player and just buy this media player instead.

For the complete specs, head to their website or just click this link. We also have more photos in this link.

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  • win

    Available in Manila?

    • yes. matagal na ito sa market. shouldn’t have any trouble looking for one.

  • alexies

    can it play also videos with subtitles, srt files?

    • yup. srt files should have the same filename as that of the video and must be in the same folder.

  • Ronald

    There’s a similar product sa cdrking called ‘Nbox’ – same features, solid build and not much bigger than this one. Just call and ask them which branch has it dahil ambilis maubos pag may stock.

    We bought our second one two weeks ago. Best thing about it – it’s only P880 🙂

    • that’s really cheap. napla-play naman lahat ng file formats?

  • grammar_nazi

    What store sells this for the quoted price of Php2500? I want to buy one but almost all stores I’ve looked at sells it for almost Php4000. Would make a lot of sense though, considering the WD link shows Model: WDBAAL0000NBK with a price of US$99.99.


    • @Grammar – Gilmore stores…

  • al

    i noticed when i play movies on the native usb port of my tv (lg 32inch hd), after some time, the sound gets delayed.

    did you notice this thing on the wd mini?


    • hi al, no i didn’t. does it happen sa lahat ng movies? or just a few? sometimes a downloaded movie is synced wrong already. or the codec on the tv is outdated. im not familiar with that LG TV but see if there’s a way to update its built in video player firmware. the wd tv mini can be easily updated if new codecs crop up.