Web 2.0 apps round up

I saw this round up of Web 2.0 apps on “The Best Web 2.0 Software 2005”.

Some of these have been featured on Pinoy Tech Blog already.
Digg has been mentioned here by JAngelo.
Kates encouraged us to try out Kiko here.
Jolo had this comparison of Writely, Writeboard and Jotspot. (Very concise.)
Ian Dexter gave tips on how to use delicious in adding tags to your blogger posts.

I have personally tried out Tadalist myself and it is pretty useful. Tailrank is in public beta already and I am checking it out too. (I got the heads up from Migs.) And of course, I am still very much enamored with del.icio.us and I add to my collection of photos on flickr every so often. There are so many apps and I am glad somebody made a round up of these things. If you want to share what you think are good Web 2.0 apps, please feel free to comment and give the links 🙂

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  • this is so freagin cool, ive been drooling about this web 2.o webpage where you can Drag-n-Drop Items, Add, Delete and Edit content just like your computer, but on a browser..

    url here http://www.itsastart.com/

  • damn it!

    fine, you guys here in pinoytechblog win.. i am gonna join now the techno – blog bandwagon..