Weblogsinc vs. Creative-Weblogging

A network blog war has started.

Jason Calcanis of Weblogsinc has accused Creative-Weblogging to be a bunch of thieves. According to him, CW has been ripping (them) off for over a year. He has also threatened CW with a call from AOL lawyers.

A quick look at the index page of CW and you will immediately see what may seem to be the cause of Calcanis’ wrath. Although, his way of letting off steam and finger-pointing leaves a lot be desired.

What does Torsten Jacobi of CW say about all this? Read his rebuttal here. As of press time, CW is preparing legal action against this accusation.

Do take the time to read both the accusation and the rebuttal, follow the links, read the comments (positive and negative) under Calcanis’ blog and then tell me… what do YOU think?

Disclaimer: I am part of the CW team.

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  • That was uncalled for.

  • Bully talaga tong si Jason. Porke’t may big papable na sya (AOL).

  • Jason now has the balls to continue his bullying ways with AOL behind him. What an ass. Hahaha.

  • yeah.. big bully hahaha

  • Reminds me of the user interface battle between Apple and Win95. In that particular case, MS pointed out that this technology was already being done at Xerox – and was not unique to Apple. I think this is going to be the same justification (design) that CW will take because there is legal precedence already. However, I can uderstand why Jason got miffed about this whole incident. I wonder why CW coudn’t have just been a little bit more creative in coming up with a unique metaphor to side-step this whole issue – and not deal with this headache? Even MS moved the “my computer” icon to the left hand-side to differentiate it from Apple. It would be interesting to see what eventually happens here.