Weighing in on Project David

This this INQ7 special report on SpecOps and Project David quotes Free/Open Source Software guru Sacha Chua, Lawrence Hughes of infosec software developer Infoweapons, and Maoi Arroyo of biotech consulting company Hybridigm. All local.

Linux development companies comment as well on the SpecOps CEO’s claim that he could not find local talent to build his Windows emulator. Pinoytechblog previously covered this.

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  • Too many implementations already. Add to the fact that Windows keep changing its API. The best solution would be something like mono, wherein the goal is to make it easier for windows developers to port code on either platforms. Or they could get a clue from apple’s “universal binary”.

    Sacha was right. It sucks.

  • I agree with you that we should focus our attention in building cross-platform applications. Java anyone?

    But of course, there are still compelling contemporary reasons why Windows applications should be bridged in Linux. Can virtualization help? How about Xen? Xen looks very promising.

  • Xen is oriented towards servers. The OS needs to be ported the Xen virtual architecture – as Linux has. Good luck to us if Microsoft will do that!