Well Hello, 3G!

(Part I of a series on 3G)

I had my first experience using 3G over the weekend.

I was with my friend Aby [ not her real name! ūüėČ ] at Shangri-La EDSA. We met up at the Smart Wireless center. I asked for a demo of 3G and was referred to a lady named Emerald.

Emerald handed me a Nokia 70 (see photo) and asked me to walk away with the phone! Walk away from them, that is, but still inside the store not outside. I walked away around 15 feet from Aby and Emerald. I received a call a few seconds later.

Video conference call on a Nokia 70 via Smart's 3G networkOn the screen of the Nokia 70, I saw a live video of Aby, all smiles. A video of myself was displayed at the upper-left corner of the Nokia 70. The video was grainy, but it was a live video straight from Aby’s phone and through the 3G network.

Emerald ended the video-phone call within a minute. She was just demonstrating video-conferencing via a 3G mobile phone.

That was my first experience! Short and sweet (More info about Smart’s “Next 3iG Thing” on Technobiography).

You too can try it out. Visit Smart Wireless Centers at:

Smart Tower, Alabang Town Center, EDSA Shangri-La Mall, Powerplant Rockwell, SM Cebu, SM Megamall and SM North EDSA.

Tomorrow: A few more things about 3G (SIM, rates, handsets)
Wednesday: “¬ĚWhat else can 3G do?”¬Ě

ka edong

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  • Q: How much will 3G services cost?
    A: Not sure yet…

    ka edong

  • eispan

    i have posted a similar discussion in another blog here somewhere… anyway a quick reply to you peeps…

    i’m based in the UK and 3G which has been active for more than 3 years now, charge at least √ā¬£30 per month and that includes 500 anytime any network minutes and 100 free text messages a month… plus unlimited video and audio downloads (latest music videos and tracks… take note UNLIMITED)… also 30 minutes of video calling allowance and i get a 50% cash/cheque back every quarter… that’s half of my money back!

    3G is very convenient and the download speed is amazing!

    with regards to the strategy of Globe, i think if they focus more on the individual consumer the better and the more profitable it is…. imagine the prepaid 3G users with no free download allowance, they would have no choice but to purchase via mobile 3G web and downloading can be addictive!

  • eispan

    oh did i mention that they give free phones as perks as well.. i got a Nokia 6630 last year and then renewed my contract for a N70… the choice of phone is yours but obviously i have always been aNokia fan… user friendly to the max!

    by mid 2006, they’ll give away N80 and my contract expires on August! Yay!