We’re giving away 10 copies of Norton 360 version 5.0

Ok guys, if you think it’s time to ditch that free antivirus of yours and want to opt for a more secure and all-around antivirus, you may want to join this simple contest.

Norton from Symantec has given us 10 copies of their latest Norton 360 version 5.0 (SRP: P2,700). This is Norton’s most complete version of security suite. It has AntiVirus and Internet Security combined plus a lot more features without compromising your system’s precious resources.


These copies we’re giving away are not just for one license but it’s good for a year’s subscription for three users. So if you have three PCs in your household then you might want to take this opportunity.

Ok, so what do you have to do? It’s simple.

  1. In less than 100 words, tell your worst virus attack ever by leaving a comment here. Did you lose a month-long worth of work because of it? Did it corrupt your school project? Did it infect other machines in the household?
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NOTE: If you don’t see your comment right away, it means it fell into the spam box. I’ll fish them out manually from time to time.

Deadline of entries would be on the 22nd of April. I will be picking the 10 most cleverly-written but still believable answers who would be getting a 3-license copy of Norton 360 version 5.0. I know you can fabricate your story without me knowing so help yourself. 😉

IMPORTANT: Winners should be able to provide a Metro Manila shipping address or else we’ll have to choose another winner.


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  • The worst virus attack I experienced was when my uncle plugged his PSP with an infected memory card on my PC. It made all my files and folders inaccessible and instead just duplicate itself multiple times when I click it. I had to bring my PC to the repair shop.

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  • My worst virus attack happened during my colleges years. I was working with research, a very important file that I will use during dissertation. Flash drives are very rampant and I became a victim of an auto-execute virus that erases all the saved data in my flash drive.

  • Vivian

    I’m reposting my answer because I forgot to put my email address —

    My worst virus attack happened in June 2007 just a few days after I uploaded our 2nd daughter’s 1st birthday photos. The sad thing about it was that those were not the only ones attacked, all the other photos and documents in my hard disk were destroyed and never restored.

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    Vivian Aguilar

  • Nina Bosch

    The worst I guess is when All the files in my laptop got corrupted including all the photos that are not ye uploaded and were already deleted at my memory card(including photos of with my celebrity crush!, oh it sucks!!), save files, and the worst, our revised thesis were also deleted from which, we have to start revising it again. 🙁

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  • patrick de gula

    Im a Fine arts student..my worst was 1day before my final defense in thesis, my classmate borrowed my laptop to do some papers then when i got home..i open my thesis and it doesnt open..all my files are corrupted and my only option is to redo it on my desktop overnight..thank god i still passed!!

  • Karen

    1. worst virus attack ever was when my icons kept on duplicating until my taskbar was full of icons non stop!!!
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  • Bong B.

    got my worst virus attack from using my usb flash drive at a internet cafe, brought the virus home to my desktop, which was using an outdated antivirus software. It crashed my pc & have to reformat my hard drive & lost most of my files.

  • My desktop pc crashed coz of a virus.Everything was lost including my nephews wedding photos where i stood as their photographer. He got only a handfull of pix from his friends who attended. Lost memories. I felt really bad about it.

  • 1.My horror story happened in 2005 when my laptop got a virus attack. I lost all my photos but one (my profile pic on Friendster). Good thing I have my doc files back-up in floppy disks. All I can do is to reminisce those lost photos in my mind.

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  • I used to be an IT person from a certain animation company. The company was using S****s antivirus for protecion. Problem was it wasnt ready for the conficker virus outbreak. 120 systems were infected in a day. I had to spend the whole weekend disinfecting all of them and the next 1 month or so reformatting each.

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    I made a PowerPoint presentation to LGU officials who later requested for soft copies. My laptop has Trojans so as expected, their flash disks, one was from the Mayor, got infected too. I lied that one of the disks has viruses which my anti-virus software failed to detect. They “apologized”.

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  • Julius Glifonea

    It happened last Feb 2010. I was a programmer in our thesis group, we created application for 6 months. We keep using USB drives which directly came from other computers. I don’t scan it since I only use free antivirus. FINAL DEFENSE arrives, our created thesis software is corrupted.

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  • Bee-Jay Andico

    My worst virus experience is when i got this ANTZ virus(i dont remember exactly the name), at first i just saw it on my IE written “ANTZ” and i cant browse the net, and suddenly it disable all, literaly, ex. task manager,msconfig,dxdiag,control panel, folders on back-up drives(when i open the folder there is no files, even show hidden cant show it,)but the size of the folders are normal except it has a weird filename including the real name of the folder ex. [email protected]@@e&w F**o^l%$der, and i decided to format it but it came back again, ive lost all of our thesis documentation and all of the objects and designs that took me weeks to finish for our game thesis, i end-up for replacing my HDD and luckily my nightmare was ended. (sorry for my english)

  • My first computer virus was in the early 90’s when computers got infected thru floppy disks. I remember my pc suddenly showed a face of Jesus Christ and the graphic image of a Cross popping everywhere on my screen haha.It would be days before you can clean your disks or pc since you have to borrow or find someone with a floppy disk that has NAV. But hey that’s how I got to know the Norton Antivirus product which was popularly known in our school as NAV.

    Sorry ha more than 50 words eh. 🙂

  • Messie

    Boss Calvin, 50 words limit is sooo limiting. Mind increasing it to 100 or 150? Some entries here anyway are above 50 words.


    • Messie

      Seriously, I am using word count on words, and best I can fit in it are two coherent sentences. =D

  • Mike Santos

    My worst virus attack happened last year. It came from my friend’s infected flash drive. My files became inaccessible, damaged the system files and disabled my antivirus. When I tried restarting, the virus even prevented me from logging in to Windows or Safe Mode. I ended up reformatting my PC.

  • Mike Santos

    My worst virus attack happened last year. It came from my friend’s infected flash drive. My files became inaccessible, damaged the system files and disabled my antivirus. When I tried restarting, the virus even prevented me from logging in to Windows or Safe Mode. I ended up reformatting my PC.

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  • Mike Santos

    My worst virus attack happened last year. It came from my friend’s infected flash drive. My files became inaccessible, damaged the system files and disabled my antivirus. When I tried restarting, the virus even prevented me from logging in to Windows or Safe Mode. I ended up reformatting my PC.

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  • Margaret S. Chan

    The Worst thing happen more than 10 years ago when I ask a relative to upgrade my computer but there’s always a problem and with my kid’s complaining that it does work have to call them got a dumb technician who cannot fix the problem. Now problem erase with my son doing the technical work for me

  • Promdi

    I got a new netbook with Avira last year and plugged my USB to intall games and I knew something was wrong when Avira was not responding. I had to send back the netbook when everything was not functioning anymore.

  • Mangungubat

    My worst virus attack was the so called brontok and ust scandal. I got it from transferring files using flashdisk.Thanks to this that i lost my movie collection.

  • anthony dimson

    The worst virus attack I had was from a borrowed flash disk. Either the virus was already in it or I got it from the internet shop where I first used it. The moment I plugged it on my computer, the system got haywire. First, I got several notices that my antivirus was turned off and my computer started acting funny. Tried to restart it but to no avail. All my files, including those of my friend, and my OS were corrupted. I had someone reformat my computer and had to start from scratch. 🙁

  • Messie

    My “worst virus attack ever”: After years of neglect, I cleaned my CPU. The dust is incredibly terrible! As I clear it with a blower… BAM! *Sneeze!* *Sneeze!* *Cough!* *Cough!* I caught a damn virus! Next day, I was down with a bad flu: body won’t boot-up and is stuck on start-up; face has BSOD all over it. I look pale and blue! And my drives, OR my nose, is all runny. End result: I lost two weeks of work, my office projects were incomplete, and it also infected other machines, I mean people, who I am residing with. =(

    • Messie

      It was sooo hard trimming it to 100 words! (Thanks for the increase from 50 anyway) It lost a lot of colorful commentaries here and there when I had to cut it short. 🙁

      Followed and liked as instructed.

      I placed my e-mail ad on the Mail field when I replied here so I don’t think I need to share it publicly.

      Hope you like my “worst virus attack post!” euughh. I can still feel the pain 🙁

      Thanks Boss Calvin!

  • Jeremiah Ramos

    It all began with: (V)(I)(r)(U)(S)… “(V)ector art!”, my CompSci1 teacher said, make one! After few minutes, I realized I still have to finish my (I)nvestigatory Project. And so, I (r)esearched about the Moon. So the weekend started and I started doing my investigatory project and asked my group mate for the link she researched, and gave me a link… IT’S A VIRUS! I now (u)nderstand how powerful the virus is so I went to school with my hands empty. So after a few weeks, (S)UCCESS! Our cards are out and got a grade of 3 in my IS1 and CS1. 🙁

    I hope these are not included in the word count because those are exactly 100:
    (V)ector; (I)investigatory; (r)esearched; (u)nderstand; (S)UCCESS

    [x] 100 words of the story
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    Jeremiah Reuel Apolinario Ramos
    [email protected]

  • Mike Santos

    My worst virus attack happened last year. It came from my friend’s infected flash drive. At first my files became inaccessible, including those from my backup drive. It damaged the system files to the point that I could no longer use RUN from the Start Menu and the Command prompt. I tried to access the Task Manager to check the virus but failed. And it also disabled my Antivirus. When I tried restarting, the virus prevented me from logging in to Windows, even tried the Safe Mode, but the virus disabled it as well. So I ended up reformatting my PC.

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  • Marlon So

    I can never forget the day the earth almost stood still. It happened two weeks before our group thesis was due. As I was finishing our thesis, my computer suddenly went ballistic. It turned itself off and restarted itself of its own free will. Luckily, I was able to make a back up copy. I then decided to use my friend’s computer. Lo and behold, her computer was also infected. It seemed Lady Luck was on our side for the duration of our work. No problems were encountered. We were able to finish everything in the nick of time.

  • My worst virus attack happened about 2 years ago when I was writing my bachelor thesis. Downloaded a torrent file with a virus which basically erased my hard drive. So the 20 pages I had already written at that point were gone.

  • Oying Pineda

    I am a videographer & editor and do most of my post production projects on my PC. I was once hit by a virus attack while cramming for a deadline for an audio visual presentation video. Everything was running on schedule until bad weather delayed most of our on location shooting. We have to postpone most of the shooting and this in turn affected our post-production schedule. With two days left to do our first edit for presentation to our client, we had to rely on photos and other art works coming from the client to include in the video, of course this was also one way to patch up some lost footage that were supposed to be shot but which bad weather did not allow. The funny thing in this story is that the photos and other visual stuff came from the client’s portable hard drive, which of course was “scanned” by one of the anti virus software we downloaded free online. So there, the PC just went on freeze mode and no matter what we do, pray, chant mantras, burn incense to please the digital gods, the cursor just hanged around the screen every time we boot up. We can’t blame the client even if they were the courier of doom, messengers of the blue screen & present moment nemesis. I for one wanted to turn that client’s hard drive into toast but mostly I blamed myself for trusting too much the download sites promising “all-free, no frills, no hassles PC protection”. Moral of the story? Scan! Scan! Scan! before plugging in! And just like good sex, be protected always! You’ll never know what gremlins un-protected actions may result to!

    PS; liked Norton on FB, followed on Twitter, but unfortunately got an error message when I attempted to like your site and yes will share this after I’m done with my comments! Regards guys! Enjoy the Chaos!

  • Oying Pineda

    Opps I’ll never win because my previous comment was more than 100 words, but it was fun sharing that experience with all of you!

  • parengmgz

    hmm. ok nman po updated avast ko sa mga PC virus (pero sa totoo lang gusto ko po ng Norton. hehe.)

    so I go for CommWarrior (Cellphone Virus). maghahang lang nman cp mo at d mo n magagamet. to cut it short, gusto ko xang mawala having no reformat. so I surf, read, then apply. gamet Kaspersky, etc, etc.. aun.. wala.. Hndi ko kaya. aun, REFORMAT. T_T aray sa mga files n nawala (lalo n sa mga prvate msgs). kaya… mga tol. 1st thngs 1st magBACK UP lagi bago ang lahat. orayt! v(^^,)

  • Walrus Medalla

    the worst attack that hit my desktop and laptop was a Win32/Sality and a regsvr.exe. the Win32/Sality infect all my executable files, disable task manager, registry editor, and antivirus. that time i need to finish my project in English Communication that will be due the following day but i cant run my MS Word. it ended up my mom working on my English project. the regsvr.exe that attack my dekstop was a hell to me.. everything in my 2 hard drives where change to executable files. i ended up formatting my computer. no files had been backed-up, all pictures gone. 🙁

    I’m already an avid fan of PTB.

  • Joe21

    Happened last year. I don’t know what kind of Windows Virus it is, but it crushed my pc.

    • Blue Screen
    • lot of error message are opening up whenever i want to play a game or browse the web.
    • Never got in into antivirus site.
    • Fake programs are trying to be installed.
    • I can’t even get the projects i made on my pc.

    made the pc useless. And I don’t even know what “reformat” means at that time because I’m just a high school student. Good thing, the pc has a warranty. Acer fixed it!

    • Joe21

      *crashed. Sorry.

  • The worst virus attach we experienced was when my son downloaded an application over the internet, the next morning we cant connect to any website but they can play their online games.

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  • lynette razon

    i was about to submit a report through email when suddenly my computer shut down by itself when i tried to restart it it kept on shutting down. I could not open a file and it’s the last day of submission, a thirty day report wherein I have to input again a thirty day activity. Worst i have to search for an internet shop since we have only 1 pc. Computer tech said the pc was infected by a virus ane he have to reformat the cpu. Lost everything, files and pics not to mention I was late for my report. Waaaah!

  • My worst virus attack was a spyware that I probably got while downloading files to my PC from the internet. It made my system so slow and ads kept popping up from my system tray. I finally had to reformat my whole hard disk!

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  • jayson

    the most destructive virus we ever had is classified.exe,because once your computer is infected with this, you will not be able to use it anymore and reformat is the only way to totally clean your computer…

  • aneria

    Worst virus attack? When a friend plugged in an infected usb and infected my PC. Had to reformat, lost files. Learned then the need for anti-virus.
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  • Willy

    my worst virus attack happened last year while reformatting a client pc. i already installed the OS and applications when system goes “blue screen”. i thought it was a hardware failure but after a thorough analysis, i found out that it was a worm virus attack from my backup external drive.i tried to clean the recover the backups but its already unrecoverable.

    that backup is worth more than 20 years of my work. it is a software driver as late as windows95 up to the present windows7. all gone and ruined by multiple worm virus.

  • Last march 2008 my hp laptop was infected by a tremendous virus which made a worst thing in my laptop i ever seen. I tried to reformat my laptop but unfortunately the virus totally corrupted my files and programs. now my hp laptop cannot use anymore. 🙁 i was able to buy a new laptop “toshiba” with webroot antivirus sadly its already not updated. i need norton anti virus because my friends they recommend it significantly. i wish to have a norton anti-virus thanks 🙂

  • Mark Steven Que

    The last week of my March 2011 was a disaster.
    I have all my paper works and important files in my laptop. A friend of mine, who went to a computer printing shop brought a virus in his flash drive. He told me, “Hey, They can’t open my USB because there’s a virus.”

    He asked me if he can use my laptop, and I said yes .And BOOM! Every Flash Drive/ External Hard drive being plugged in my laptop gets Infected. My Files from My Laptop vanished, and it creates numerous shortcuts in my flash drive.

  • Ralph

    i’m not very techie and is borderline a technology ignoramus so I don’t really know when my laptop gets infected with a virus. I also rely on free anti-virus software yet is adventurous enough to download torrents. One day my laptop screen showed a message stating “Are you sure you want to remove the folder ‘C:\\WINDOWS’ and move all its contents to the recycle bin?’, I panicked coz I thought I downloaded a virus and will lose my precious pictures, until a window popped up stating “it-was-all-a-joke”. apparently t’was a fake delete virus prank by my brother.

  • marjorie

    april 16,2011 was my first day at work. we had an unsatisfied customer due to missing files, sir raymond also told me they had to restart it lots of time due to the virus. so during lunch time, i tried to fix it, then i found out there was also someone whose trying to hack our pc. its closing time, it wont even shut down.

    winning norton would be a great help for the shop.

  • As I look back at 2007 of November perhaps the greatest virus attack that ever wreaked havoc on my computer was a storm worm which blasted my internet with two types of attacks, both aimed at building up their botnet. The experience with this threat of virus attack is might be because of my lack of knowledge that time, since my mind was brainwashed by my friend’s thought that viruses are created by antivirus companies in order to fool users on buying their product. Of course they would have the perfect antidote, being the creator of such.
    Going back, hhose viruses wiped out the programs and data on my hard disk eventhough I was confident that it was partitioned and I could simply reinstall OS and stuff. The one who thwarted the attack was successful in his endeavor of catasthrope since it was unexplainable what had happened thereafter… I cannot access my old photos taken from different countries! No backup made whatsoever since social networks weren’t that much of a hit back then.
    Lesson of the story: Believe in the power of antivirus. Norton is the chosen One.

  • Oops, have to edit since its 100 words max:

    2007 November: The greatest virus attack that wreaked havoc on my computer was a storm worm. These viruses wiped out the programs and data on my hard disk eventhough I was confident that it was partitioned and I could simply reinstall OS and stuff. The one who thwarted the attack was successful in his endeavor of catasthrope since it was unexplainable what had happened thereafter… I cannot access my old photos taken from different countries! No backup made whatsoever since social networks weren’t that much of a hit back then.

  • I remember the worst virus attack we have in our computer is when my computer were attack by a malware virus. I really don’t know what kind of virus is that considering that i have a very little knowledge about viruses and malwares but what makes me cry into tears is the fact that all my important office documents were lost because i have no back up of them. I was at lost and really don’t know what to do even my computer was re program the files could not be retrieve anymore. I’m down in tears for the whole day and i could not recover the thoughts for a week. It was the worst day of my life and I don’t want to bring that back again.

  • My worst anti-virus attack was embarrassing because it had not affected me but damaged other people`s property.

    It was 3 years ago when my friend asked linked my sister`s ipod into his laptop. Later on, we learned that everything on my friend`s laptop had been wiped out. Apparently, my sister linked her Ipod to my laptop earlier, before linking it to our friend`s. So the virus on my p was culprit.

    It was discouraging and embarrassing knowing that our friend was graduating from college that month and all of his school files were erased.

    I used Norton ever since! 😉

    Followed and posted on Twitter! Blessings!

  • Joy Mesina-Bahia

    One day in 2002, while driving on my way home, it felt like the sky fell down on me when I got a call from my husband, telling me that some virus “attacked” our computer–it meant that my son’s 10th & 11th month unprinted pictures were GONE FOREVER!!! 🙁
    At that time, having digital photos printed still had processing fees, so back then I used to wait for enough photos for the fee to be maximized.

  • John Patrick Duro

    My worst virus attack was during my thesis days wherein I been victim by a Brontok Type of virus. All my files and folders were been hidden. I tried a lot of utilities and anti-virus software but most of them can’t recognize the virus. The big damage of this virus attack that I encounter force me to format my laptop, desktop, flash drive and even my PSP. This really make me sick and make everything from the ground up.

  • I was doing (read: cramming) a presentation for school. It was around 4 AM when my laptop suddenly shut down. I turned it on and it loaded until the Windows logo appears but would shut down again after. I kept turning it on hoping for some miracle but nothing happened. I was really panicking. I felt so helpless. I couldn’t go to a repair shop that day because I was short on cash. I had to wait for my mother who was visiting over the weekend. It was my first and worst virus attack. The whole experience was pure torture!

  • I’m a mother and a simple homemaker who spends a lot of time surfing the net for the latest showbiz gossips, child rearing tips and online contests (like this one). I wasn’t thinking about the risks I was putting my files into until the day I encountered a destructive virus which overwrote parts of my hard disk. I lost several precious photos of my son’s development milestones. From then on, I don’t sign off for the day without backing up my files. It’s true indeed that the best way to learn is by mistake.

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  • Hi! My comment was caught in the spam filter. Kindly publish. Thanks a lot.

  • ella_girl

    A week before design project deadline(circa 2002). After ruining a 2nd project PC I made sure to back up of project files at home. Unknowingly, my cousin had been visiting and using our desktop to download stuffs and copying my mp3 files which ultimately infected our computer.The AV notification update kept on popping up and I kept ignoring thinking it was just delaying our work. While opening one of our files, I watched in horror as the screen was slowly being reduced to a blank page as if a someone was chomping off the screen.

    Followed Norton on Twitter.

  • my worst virus attcak happened in an internet cafe, I lost 2 gig worth of files, including the homework I was about to email!

    Good thing i burned a back-up file of that homework in a CD. whew!

  • I was doing (read: cramming) a presentation for school. It was around 4 AM when my laptop suddenly shut down. I turned it on and it loaded until the Windows logo appears but would shut down again after. I kept turning it on hoping for some miracle but nothing happened. I was really panicking. I felt so helpless. I couldn’t go to a repair shop that day because I was short on cash. I had to wait for my mother who was visiting over the weekend. It was my first and worst virus attack. The whole experience was pure torture!

  • Jorlan Balbuena

    So quiet, so still was our library. My classmate and I were using one of the few computers in library… copy-pasting our homework when we decided to add some Wikipedia article.
    Ecstatically – we opened the Internet Explorer. Boom! Our blood rose up in our head. The librarian yelled, “Hoy, wag kayo magporn!! Bawal yan”. Every got a glimpse of what was happening on our computer. REDTUBE.COM , homepage.
    So quiet, so still – we went out. Ashamed. It was indeed not our intention.
    SoWar.Vbs was the culprit. We did not pass our homework and went home. Thanks, sowar.

    –liked norton and ptb on fb.

  • Ronel Taruc

    YES! Our company finally allowed me to work from home and it feels like heaven! What can go wrong? My first day began with our IT guy remote accessing my laptop to install some programs that I would need to my home based work. As I go watch the magical cursor fly all around the screen I was all smiles when suddenly – BOOM! – a blue screen error! A fatal virus… nice. Now I have to wait until my laptop resurrects before I can work from home (which lasted longer than I expected… just great).

  • its a big disaster.. imagine, i was just doing a check with my email, since i am a contest lover i always check my email for updates and i dont even care about scams.. then, i notice “FedEx” sent me an email that my packages are coming 10 days from the email has been sent.. for tracking numbers i can download the file that has been attached to the email so that i can view it and track it too. what i did was, i download it.. and it destroys my applications and some of my files that has been installed in my pc and i wasn’t able to open my computer for a week.. i brought my pc to the nearest repair shop (SM).. so they told me what to download and not especially if it comes to someone’s email whom i dont even know.. a lesson which ive learnes so much.. and having a temporary anti-virus doesn’t help at all.. 🙁 but luckily all are okay..

  • I lent my usb to my friend because she lost hers, said it’s for research. She returned it to me on time and for that I thought there were no problems. That day, my dad told me to back-up his files. So without caution I inserted the usb and copied his files. Damn, not only were my father’s files corrupted, his computer’s totally busted! I asked my friend why there were a lot of virus in my usb and she confessed to me that she used it in a public computer and forgot to scan it at home. Grrr!

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  • Monica Almayda

    What I recently experienced on my computer was a proper computer virus attack. Despite the fact that I was the one who got its base of 500 MB on my computer, but little had I known something like this could happen. If you’re Torrent addicted like me, then I can only say one thing better be very very careful while choosing a torrent to download and when someone says something like it is unreliable and the torrent gets deleted from the database, then they really mean it. I thought they were just saying that because of copyright claims.

    What happened to my computer could be expected if I had known that the whole thing was a big fat virus. I searched up a torrent for one of the soviftwares I wanted really bad. A very recent torrent with a lot of seeders, just what I was looking for and it was approximately 570 MB. Once it was downloaded, I didn’t get the time to install it instantly so after 2 days, I went back to it’s torrent page to look for it’s key and the torrent website displayed “Torrent deleted”, I thought that was because of copyright problems and continued to the setup.

    Worst Computer Virus AttackI had recently deleted the Trial version of Anti-virus guard from my computer and now tried to install kaspersky which was giving me key problems, so I was unprotected in terms of an anti-virus. As I tried to install the software I had downloaded, I got an error. I felt a bit fishy about that but then I saw a folder which said setup, I double-clicked that and there was this file of about 40 MB which said setup and looked just like it, I opened it and nothing happened. Acting impatient as I am, I tried to open it again and then I saw this Command Prompt window which said ‘Copying file 1 of 1′. I closed the window and saw all of my desktop files being deleted and new files being added to the desktop. I tried to open Task Manager, but it said “Task Manager has been disabled by the administrator”. Although I am the administrator on the computer. I felt freaky about that, but now there was no way to get to My Computer and once I got there, Drive C and D were hidden.

    So overall, Task manager was disabled. Desktop was deleted, drives were hidden as well as My computer. Browsing could not be done, and there was kind of a complete ban on downloading. There was no way to open Run or to Log off. The computer wasn’t detecting a USB either. The wallpaper was changed to an image which said ‘Your privacy is in Danger’. Out of nowhere this website was popping in and out asking me to download their anti-virus, when I tried to do that my computer restarted automatically. Its base file were write-protected by now.

    It was more like a free country being taken over by a whole army of outlaws and goon masterminds. Some knowledge that I had of these things of an operating system, I managed to enable the task manager in the safe mode using group policy. But that was it, I knew nothing more about it, I couldn’t get an anti-virus without which there was no way to get the virus out, I was just left to one choice. Format the whole computer and say good-bye to all the good stuff I had in there.

    I lost all of the important things on my computer, and learned a lesson for once. Never download a bad torrent. But how do you know if it is a bad torrent? Now you can check my post about finding the best torrent although the points below are important:

    Only download torrents which are at least 1-2 days old.
    Read their comments and take them seriously.
    Make sure you have a good anti-virus
    If you feel fishy about the whole thing , then ask an expert before proceeding on the whole thing.
    Viruses are usually in the disguise in torrents of softwares.

  • kany

    It was our first WinMe .So Being a noob I tried of using generic scanner cuz I don’t care so much. I keep on downloading stuffs and going into unsecured sites cause of my carelessness. One morning came I was surprised I cant open the computer neither connect to the internet. So Several tweaks i did but still the virus still there. Upon several days passed We’re shocked one day the computer failed on us, it exploded! Maybe because of long hours of using it, the computer became slower that it overheated. Eventually motherboard break and so we cry.

    (shared your post and followed [email protected] http://www.facebook.com/#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=161123343947627&id=100001994136158 )

  • rowel perez

    Bout a year ago, I downloaded what I thought was the movie Stealth. (I had just gotten broadband and hadn’t learned my way around the scene just yet. Was using limewire).

    I downloaded what I believe was a package installer. The first problem I had was that my computer suddenly had to restart, so i did it.

    When I booted up what do you know, my bios password had been changed! Keep in mind, this was with an older PC and I hadn’t dealt with BIOS screw ups in the past. I ended up using a school computer to discover how to flash my bios.

    Okay, that was good, had it booted again. Or not. The thing was slow. SLOOOOW. Like maple syrup on a icy day SLOOOOOW. I booted into safe mode, still SLOOOOW, and ran my anti virus. No help. Ran spyware. Natta. Did everything in the book. NOTHING WORKED. Ran Hijackthis! The damn thing stopped scanning as soon as I hit the go button.

    Eventually I just formatted my HDD and reloaded windows onto it. Never had a problem with the bios again. Never used limewire either actually.