We’re open for Guest Bloggers

Looks like we’re doing these invites almost every quarter already. And yes, since a handful of our regular readers here are still interested to kick in a post or two, we’re opening up PTB for Guest Bloggers today until next week.

So if you missed last quarter’s open mike, this is another chance for you to share some of your thoughts and opinions.

To sign up, register as a PTB subscriber and leave a comment stating your interest as a guest blogger and we’ll give you the seat for the week. Starts today 03/14 and ends Friday next week, 03/23.

Off we go. 🙂

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  • issai

    i just bought the new god of war game. can i write about it after I played it for a week?

  • Wow looks great! I’m applying as a guest blogger for the gaming section. 😀

  • I’m in !

  • Hi!

    I’d like to be guest blogger. 🙂


  • drivebyshooter

    I’m in – I’ve got things I want to write about that don’t make it to my own blog.

  • may i sign up for the gaming section? 🙂

  • Would love to be a guest blogger. Just let me know when I can start.

  • I like to be a guest blogger here also.

  • Nice idea..

  • Can i still join?

  • Very effective. Thanx.t