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Western Digital announces WD Red hard drives for NAS systems

If you’re familiar with how Western Digital classify their hard drives, it’s always been by color (Blue, Green, Black) for the past few years. Blue is your regular drive for solid performance, green is for the quiet and low-poered but slower drives, while black is for maximum performance, the cream of the crop.


Now Western Digital added another color to the mix. Introducing the WD Red designed for home and small office NAS (network attached storage) system with one to five drive bays. The WD Red features NASwareâ„¢ technology which is designed to improve reliability and system performance, reduce downtime and to simplify the integration process. It also features what they call 3D Active Balance Plus, an enhanced balance control technology which significantly improves the overall drive performance and reliability.

“œUntil now, customers had to choose between using desktop or high-end server drives for their home or small office NAS systems ““ neither of which were both cost effective for consumer solutions and fully NAS compatible,” said Melyssa Banda, senior director of product marketing for WD. “œWD saw this challenge as a perfect opportunity to design a better solution so we developed WD Red drives, an optimized product for this rapidly growing segment.”

WD Red hard drives integrate seamlessly with WD NAS solutions and are qualified to work with a wide array of WD OEM partners. An updated list of WD Red-qualified products and manufacturers is available on the WD website at http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=810.

If you’re looking for a reliable hard drive designed specifically for NAS systems, give the WD Reds a look. SRP for the WD Red 1 TB drive (model #: WD10EFRX) is P4,995, the 2 TB drive (model #: WD20EFRX) is P6,195 and the 3 TB drive (model #: WD30EFRX) is P8,695.


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