Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB (USB3.0) Review

The latest My Book Essential 3TB is part of the latest breeds of external hard drive from Western Digital. It supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology which translates to faster file access and transfer for computers that supports USB 3.0. Keep in mind that it is backward compatible for computers with USB 2.0 connections as well.

Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB (USB3.0)


The WD My Book Essential has a compact, simple and sleek design, though its glossy finish could easily collect fingerprints. It has ample ventilation on the sides to make sure that the device does not heat up.

Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB (USB3.0)

The power button is located at the back which can be impractical especially if the device is positioned against the wall or other hard-to-reach areas.

WD SmartWare

Other than its main draw which is the 3TB capacity and USB 3.0 support, the WD My Book Essential external drive is bundled with the usual WD SmartWare which is also available in other WD external drives. This software allows automatic backup and synchronization of files and the ability to password protect files.


Pros with the WD My Book Essential include:

  • It runs silently
  • It goes on idle when not in use (to prevent heating further)
  • It automatically turns off in sync with the computer

A speed test was also accomplished to compare the WD My Book Essential USB 3.0 with a USB 2.0 hard drive. The test was done on a machine running Windows 7 computer wherein a huge number of files are to be copied to the external drives:

5 GB folder full of MP3s

DeviceSeconds to copySpeed
My Book Essential 3.014235 MB/s
Hard disk 2.0 34214.6 MB/s

3 GB raw video file

DeviceSeconds to copySpeed
My Book Essential 3.06348 MB/s
Hard disk 2.0 13622 MB/s

The WD My Book Essential is roughly around 2-3 times faster than USB 2.0 drives, though there are other factors that may affect file transfer speed such as CPU usage and load. Reliability is yet to be fully assessed as this requires long time usage of the device.


Compared with other WD products, the WD My Book Essential has a longer USB cable which is really handy for an external drive that you don’t want to carry often. For advanced computer users, the SmartWare can be annoying especially if you want more control on how you manage your files.

Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB (USB3.0)

The My Book Essential external hard drive is NTFS formatted and also available in 1 TB, 1.5 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB capacities, and requires reformatting to be used on the Mac. It has a price that ranges from Php5,600 (1TB) to Php10,900 (3TB).

Editor’s note: This post is contributed by Michael Sia with some slight revisions by the editor. Mike likes to download things off the net but wasn’t able to accomplish the challenge of filling the 3TB disk with Tagalog movies.

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  • Jay

    How does this USB3 compare to the USB2.0 in price vs performance ratio? (“sulit” factor)

    Where can we buy this in the local market? malls? gilmore?

    Western Digital USB 3.0 External Drive Prices:
    My Passport Essential – Php4,200 (500GB)
    My Passport Essential SE – Php5,600 (750GB), Php6,900 (1TB)
    My Book Essential – ranges from Php5,600 (1TB) to Php10,900 (3TB)

  • Del

    Very credible and balanced review, I’m thinking of getting one this weekend =)

  • gleceper

    Hi PTB,

    where can i find these 3TB drives?

    • You could inquire at Gilmore shops for this one.

  • erick

    ah, tanong lang po. yung computer ba na pinagtestingan nito, usb 3.0 (SS) din ba ang interface or 2.0 pa rin? di kasi ata namention or baka nalagpasan lang ng mata ko, (twice ko sya actually binasa, looking for the host computer’s interface).

    • yup may usb 3.0 port yung machine na pinagtestingan.

  • Pat Pertune

    Hi! I hope you can help me, I lost or misplaced my power adaptor to the drive. The actual drive has no ac input written on it so I have no idea which adaptor to use. Can anyone read the number on their adaptor and tell me? Thanks