Western Digital’s MyBook Live gives you your own private cloud

Network access storage drives or NAS drives are nothing new but not a lot of people are taking advantage of the technology. Western Digital however makes it easy for people to set up a NAS drive with their MyBook Live. Picture this, what if you can access your files not only on your home network but also when you’re at the office, at the beach, or anywhere as long as you have an internet connection? That’s the power of NAS drives and with the MyBook Live, you can do so easily.


The MyBook Live is a large storage device (minimum of 1TB) that looks similar to the MyBook Essential but instead of a USB port, it has an ethernet port which you connect to your home router. Any device that can connect to your router can access, download and upload files into the MyBook Live. Once you plug it in, you can access its admin page (just like typical routers) so you can set permissions, specify which folders to share, or create and manage user accounts for added security.

You can also enable the MyBook Live to be accessible over the internet as long as your router is on and connected. This is very handy for those who are always on the go and need a huge storage space that they can access over the net. Upload an unfinished work at the office and continue doing it at home. This MyBook Live is also compatible with Mac and its Time Machine by the way.

WD also introduced iOS and Android apps that will allow you to access the MyBook Live (and other WD networked devices) from your Apple or Android devices. You can virtually expand the storage space of your device. You can access your whole photo album from MyBook Live as long as you’re connected to the internet or stream your music from it. There’s also a paid app which allows you to edit documents from your mobile device (free app is only read only).

In addition to remote and mobile access to the personal cloud, WD’s My Book Live features a built-in media server that streams music, photos and movies to any DLNA-certified multimedia device such as a WD TV Live network media player, Blu-ray Disc player, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and connected TV.

The MyBook Live has a huge potential if you want to take your files with you anywhere without physically bringing your disk or if you want a storage device for the whole family that can be accessed over the network. It is available in 1TB (Php6,990), 2TB (Php8,290) and 3TB (Php10,550) at selected retailers and is distributed by Iontech Technologies Inc.

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  • Wow… 1TB na halos ang minimum ng mga hard disk ngayon ah. Grabe! 🙂

  • Rusty

    love this device. eto ang pang stream namin ng movies sa house kase ayaw kong naka activate ang homegroup connection pag wala ako sa bahay hehehe.

    you need to update the firmware though kase naka link sa mionet ang pag remote access at wala kang makikitang option for you mobile devices para ma access ang mga files mo =)

    • nice to hear… where do you stream it to? sa mga laptops and PCs? natry mo na istream sa mobile device? kinoconvert pa rin ba bago magstream?

      • Rusty

        yes to Laptops and PCs =) actually kahit anung file format pwede as long as mare-read ng ibang devices ung files. for file viewing lang ung mga Apps for iOS5 and Android and you need to pay if you want them na ma save sa mga mobile devices. one con ay 3 days lang active ang remote connection for mobile devices and you really need to know the access codes kase needed un when connecting. and magbabago sya after 3 days. so pag nagpalit na and hinde mo alam ang new codes eh nga-nga hahahaha. oops i forgot – you cannot stream videos sa mobile devices =( [i have several file formats lahat ayaw gumana]

        great thing WD updated the shell of WD TV Live and we can purchase that thing for P5,490.00. bawas pera agad sa payday lol ^_^

        • rusty

          sorry for the wrong info. 1 day lang pala active ung codes for WD2Go. my bad

          WD 2go enables you to view all documents, music, and photos stored on your My Book Live through a compatible tablet or mobile device.

          To install WD 2go:
          Download the WD 2go app from the Apple App Store or Android Market and install it on your tablet or mobile device.
          Launch WD 2go and tap Connect Now.
          Enter the activation code you generated on your My Book Live dashboard. Codes are valid for 24 hours from the time of request.
          For features, supported file formats, and more instructions on using WD 2go, go to http://wd2go.wdc.com.

        • maganda yung wd tv live lalo na kung may mybook live ka na. magandang partner.

          i think kaya hindi nastrestream video mo kasi hindi kaya ng ipad mo yung format. try streaming an mp4 video.

  • Griswold

    Wow i like this one since makikinabang buong household from it. central file repository for the home.

  • razorous

    P8960 yung 2TB sa Power Mac sa MOA… Where can I find that price Php8,290? Sayang din 600 petot hehe

    • yan yung SRP eh. yung sa villman ask mo kung may 2tb sila. nakita ko lang 1tb pero 5,999.