Western Digital’s Velociraptor high-performance drive now reaches 1TB

The Western Digital Velociraptor line of hard drive is designed for high-performance PCs and Mac computers, and professional workstations that require a balance of performance and capacity. It features 10,000 RPM, 2.5-inch platters with 6 Gbps SATA support for the best high-performance consumer-grade disk in the market today.

western digital velociraptor

With the release of the 1TB version of the WD Velociraptor, it is now the largest capacity 10,000 RPM hard drive available. This drive is geared for creative professionals who demand the ultimate SATA drive. Creative pros use write-intensive applications that manage large, dynamic files; for example, video editing and digital content creation and management, which ultimately put a strain on storage devices that utilize write-challenged NAND memory for performance enhancement.

The WD VelociRaptor 2.5-inch hard drive comes in the IcePackâ„¢ enclosure, a 3.5-inch mounting frame with built-in heat sink – a factory customization that fits the drive into a standard 3.5-inch system bay and keeps the powerful drive extra cool when installed in a high-performance desktop or workstation system.

The WD VelociRaptor hard drives come with a five-year limited warranty. It has the following SRPs:

  • 1 TB (model #: WD1000DHTZ) is Php13,795.00
  • 500 GB version (model #: WD5000HHTZ) is Php9,295.00
  • 250 GB version (model #: WD2500HHTZ) is Php7,195.00
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  • Anonymous

    Honestly I would just settle for a WD Black. And the HDD prices are still sky high. Lintek na baha yan…

  • Griswold

    Wow 13.8k for a 1TB hard drive. buti na lang hindi ko kelangan ng high-performance drive. pwede na ako magkaroon ng dual-bay nas drive na may kasamang 1TB disks at that price.