What else, 3G?

The other day, I wrote about my first experience with 3G. I had a short video-conference call with my friend Aby using two Nokia 70 3G phones.

When the Smart wireless center demo lady, Emerald, ended our live video conference call, we came back to a huddle to talk about 3G.

I asked to see the other features of 3G. Emerald said she’s just demonstrating video conference calls. She added that with 3G, you can get faster data transfers that will allow users to watch streaming videos. Users will be able to surf the Internet through GPRS or visit WAP sites ““ but a lot more quickly than what current non-3G handsets get.

I asked for more. What else?

Emerald added that you can share videos using 3G. I didn’t get what she meant at first. But I think she meant something like how current GSM mobile phones are able to send and receive photos or mp3s to other phones. Similarly, 3G phones will be able to share videos with other 3G phones through the 3G network.

I asked Emerald “œdinudumog ka ba dito?”
Emerald replied: “œHindi nga sir, eh. Ako ang nandudumog sa mga customers dito.”

If that’s any indicator, that shows how much (or how little) interest there has been in 3G in the Philippines lately.

It will pick up, I know.

Next question: What will Filipinos do with 3G?

ka edong
ano ang ka sunod?

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  • baka maging katulad lang ng GPRS/WAP ang 3G.. may kamahalan kasi.

  • No note on how much the service will be? The reason why so few use WAP is the per kb rate. A good flat unlimited access rate would be great.

  • Funny, I can’t help thinking how prurient purposes will be top on the list. Well, you all know the two things that come before “videotape”, right?

  • ano ang dumog?

  • banks,
    “Dumog” is to frantically approach a person/place, to crowd around.

    See here for some indicative prices of 3G services.

    Sabi nga nila, p0rn leads in technology usage (picked that up from Migs).

    Malay natin, down the line magkaruon din ng mga unlimited usage rates just like it is with calls/text ngayon.

    ka edong

  • it’s not p0rn. it’s pr0n!

    anyway if you want to talk about better uses, join the discussion group of local mobile Value Added Service operators… ph-mobileapps.

  • and porn will be spread , next thing you know a new video message, oh more porn….

  • banana

    yah I agree with sir glenn’s idea of flat rate for line subscribers and a prepaid load conversion for prepaid subscriber,hopefully there would be 24/7 unlimited for 3G hehe!

  • 24/7 could be done as a promo, but not permanently. It’s not going to be SMS circa 199x all over again.

  • vemsan

    here in the U.S, they’re testing out services that would display video ads on subscribers’ phones.

  • Hey, thanks Edong!

    A flat rate competitive to the WiFi services (Airborne Access, SmartWiFi, etc.) would certainly be welcome. I’d buy it, to support my mobile net habit.

    And a 10-15PHP/min isn’t so bad as long as they can sustain the video call.


  • > And a 10-15PHP/min isn’t so bad as long as they can sustain the video call.

    Right. It isn’t so bad for a video call. But I’m suspecting that this would be a promo price.

    I don’t think the P10-15/min by a few hundred/thousand subscribers will be enough to recoup their capital expenses in the first 2-3 years.

    It won’t be easy bringing their first 1Million 3G subscribers.

    ka edong

  • Exactly. So I really don’t see the point of 3G beyond keeping up with our more affluent neighbors.

  • Cybernewton

    I have been using 3G phones and all my family have 3G phones. we even ditched our landline for this matter. It is great for my kids when they are out. since I can see where they are literaly. My youngest kid rings me in the office and would show me her lastest project over the video phone. so if properly used, the technology is good.

  • I have been using the 3G technology for more that 2 years. I can say. It is great. my whole family is on the 3G network now and we ditched our land line.

  • Good post.

  • Demetrio Tiburcio

    Just heard that about 70,000 signed up for Smart’s 3G free trial. Mga Pilipino talaga basta libre susunggabin. Ang laki laki pa ng ads ng Smart sa Inquirer, FREE!

    I was wondering why Globe did not do the same. Clearly they already have a 3G trial network up and running. I saw their demos in Glorietta, Megamall and Shangri-la. Is Globe just playing safe? Ever the conscientious one na gustong plantsado muna ang 3G network before they release it in a massive scale? In any case, Globe clearly lost the first mover advantage this time. Cant help to think na meron siguro diyan na may 3G phone, thinking of switching to Smart na just to take advantage of the free trial.

    However I’m interested to know the user experience of those who signed up. First impressions last di ba. On second thought, even if the user experience is bad, libre naman.