What happened to Fruitcast?

The other day, I was searching for other Podcast Ad networks aside from Fruitcast which was mentioned here. I dropped by the site and all I saw there was the teaser and other links to navigate around the site were nowhere to be found.

If you are looking for other podcast ad networks try the following:

PodcasterAds. They offer flat-rate audio, live-read, video and text ads in podcasts and in websites. How does this work? Podcasters create advertising spots on each podcast that he/she plans to record. Then, advertisers browse podcasts, create the ads and submit it to the podcaster. Once approved, the podcast ad (in video or audio format) will be included by the podcaster in his/her podcast.

Blast Podcast. Blast Podcast is another podcast ad network. They use the BP Ad Engine technology where publisher content matches data provided by advertisers for specific market segments. Advertisers can choose between CPM and CPC campaigns.

Podtrac. Podtrac matches up your content with unique advertising for your audience. Aside from this one, they also provide a podcast measurement tool and a survey tool which are highly valueable tools for both publishers and advertisers.

RadioTail. This is also another podcast ad network. Just like Podtrac, RadioTail has statistical tools that can measure the usage of your podcasts. They also have a tool for advertisers that gives them real-time access to their ad measurement.

More information on other podcast ad networks here.

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