What happened to the microSD slot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

I see quite a number of people wondering if there’s a microSD slot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which would provide useful for a tablet because you can pull out your SD card if you want to add files into it rather than connecting the tablet to your PC.

When we previewed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 back in May, we clearly saw a microSD slot on the side along with the SIM slot and volume. And this Tab 10.1 is not the first version of the tablet. Check it out, the left is the SIM slot beside the 3.5mm jack and on the right is the microSD slot beside the volume control.


Now on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that we reviewed recently, we can no longer see the microSD slot.


So what happened? I asked Samsung but they simply said that it’s no longer available in the Tab 10.1 that’s in the market.  I guess if we look at it from sales standpoint, despite having an edge over iPad if it comes with the microSD slot, it might hamper sales on the 32GB version when it becomes available next month. So if you saw a Tab 10.1 with a microSD slot being demoed in stores, chances are, those are just demo units and not for sale.

For those who are asking what’s included in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 package, well not much. All you get is the charger, USB cable and also a pair of earphones.



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  • As they say, Samsung is copying Apple. So when the 10.1 was about to released, they realized the the microSD card slot is against the iPad’s features. So they took it out. The iPad has an adapter which is sold separately, and so does the Galaxy Tab 10.1 🙂

  • Taroy

    the question is, are you willing to dish out your precious moolah to buy this new tech from samsung?? just because it has a larger screen? samsung’s 7 in. tab, as far as i know is the best shot and easy to carry than this new tech.. & yep, the IPAD 1 & 2, right on the money.

  • rotero

    ang daya naman iba ung item na demo kaysa for sale nila..!!!! DAYA

    • baka nagkamali lang. hindi na dapat pinapakita yung may microsd na version?

  • Habib

    What?! microSD slot is important to me. what do i do now? im thinking of not getting my pre-order unit.

    • may accessory naman that you plug on its connector para mag-accept ng sd card. parang camera kit ng ipad.

      • Mike M

        Given, pero the fact that they showed pa in Rockwell the units with MicroSD slots, misleading to all those who won’t see this post when they go to the Pre-Order promo.

        The feeling that you saw the MicroSD on the demo units, then Samsung taking it away prior to selling, will make anyone feel cheated (Like me) 🙁

        In the end… pera pera lang din talaga. 😀

      • Griswold

        i understand samsung’s move to remove the microSD slot but they shouldn’t be showing units that has these slots to the general public.