What I would like to see in 2007

From my Technopinoy site:

1. More organizations and internet cafes using Free and Open Source Solutions.

2. A virtualization software that allows games to run in a virtual machine, something that the two most popular virtualization softwares””Parallels and Vmware””are not able to achieve.

3. An internet payment gateway that uses one’s mobile phone credits as currency.

4. An Apple-based OS PDA.

5. An online music store that offers the majority of local Filipino talents, old and new.

6. Election automation.

7. A mobile phone camera that approaches the picture quality of digital cameras.

8. A digital camera that can take high-quality digital photographs as well as high-definition movies.

9. Wi-Fi hotspots in all of the major coffee shops (e.g., Starbucks, Figaro, Gloria Jeans, and so forth). This should be part of the franchise requirement.

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  • 1. Not the cafes as long as they are primarily driven by games.
    2. 3D GPU/Video card architecture doesn’t allow virtualizing them, unfortunately.
    3. G-Cash and Smart Money?
    4. Newton part 2? Let’s see what happens with the “MacPhone.” Also, rumors of Mac OS X mobile/embedded.
    5. Just a business problem.
    6. Good Luck to us all!
    7. Getting there, but the limitations are physical – lens size/depth?
    8. Getting there.
    9. Business issue. Right now it’s PLDT (Airborne Access) and Globe pushing it.

  • #6 I sure hope that election automation should not only mean computers and voting, but the whole process that has to do with voting. How can people vote if COMELEC limits the number of registration forms it gives per day, for example?

  • 1. I agree with Migs on this one.

    3. Very promising idea. The networks should have considered this already.

    5. A pay-for-music model for the web-savvy Pinoy? Remember Fiestamundo? Nah.

    7. The main issue here is sensor size, no matter how high your megapixels are.

    8. DSLRs? E ‘live-(pre)view’ nga, pahirapan sa Canon Nikon e. Hehehe. As for P&S digicams, yeah, sure, the path is bright.

  • What was Fiestamundo about? I think I heard about it.

  • Election automation, like online voting? That’s hard to achieve (especially for the online part) considering that many are still not that literate when it comes to automated processes. Also add to it the security issues – a “faster counter” means a faster way of doing the underground stuffs too. It also requires then that every Filipino citizen have a unique ID. Well, provided that the ID contains thumbmarks (and blood type, etc), I guess it will be now easier to solve crimes a la CSI. 😀

  • migs,

    FiestaMundo first came out as a music store and online network of musicians and fans just like mobiuslive.

  • oh, syndeomedia…

    fiestamundo.com? now a showbiz site!

  • On number 5, there’s http://www.fliptunes.net

    On number 2,
    Games on virtual machines? Not possible. I use VMs for deployment testing before going to the actual deployment 😀 have you heard of virtual server (browser-based VM – of course this only runs in IE!)?

    On number 3, telcos should consider this

  • For #3, isn’t G-Cash already doing that? Or do you mean, G-Cash to buy from foreign sites… lots of issues there I think.

  • wanna see more and more Philippine-based startup companies in foreign headlines

  • Me too! Well if all goes well, we will be in foreign headlines. But we’re not Web 2.0.

  • #7 ..n95 and k800i.. well almost like a digicam but not quite. but im sure #7 will be realized at 2007..