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What IT related item can you buy with 50 pesos?

Dear readers here’s a question. If you walk into a gadget shop, or let’s make it one of those Cyberzones inside a mall, with 50 pesos to spend, is there anything worthwhile you can get for it?


A tough one huh?

Here are some of my ideas:

  • A SIM load. I guess that’s the most bang for the buck purchase you can get for P50. I could get a SIM card but which is also less than P50 but I won’t have a use for it.
  • Blank DVDs. Yeah with a limited budget you might as well buy something you could use.
  • Cellphone charms. It’s a pity you can’t get a pouch or a case for your cell phone for P50. All  you can get are those worthless trinkets for your cell phone.
  • Spare USB cables. With plenty of devices these days having a microUSB port, you just can’t get enough of these USB to microUSB cables.

So why did I suddenly write about how to spend your P50? You’ll find out soon enough. For now, do share us what IT related item you can get out of your P50.

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  • Nigel

    How about a SIM card? Smartphone game? Coupons?

  • MIca

    This was a tough one but…

    1. Card Reader
    2. Standard Mobile Screen Protector
    3. Calculator
    4. Battery
    5. Mouse Pad


  • ace avellana

    its not an item but more of a service. ill go for the one day unlimited surfing from smart! 😀

  • Jovz Salla

    1. 5 packs of AA Alkaline Batteries from CDR king (non cdrking brand)
    2. AA powered cellphone emergency charger
    3. Card Reader
    4. Cable Organizer
    5. Case fan for Desktop CPU
    6. Cellphone stand

  • definitely the card reader! hahahaha

    kung sa Vente makaka dalawang CP case na ako.. hahahah

  • R2

    gadget cleaning kit, but the most useful is a card reader.

  • ooomph

    errrr… just go the CDRking’s website and start looking.. XD

  • card reader P50 lang talaga? dati bumili ako sa tiangge P80 pero for SD card lang.

    • JmBalicano

      Sa CDRKing, 20 lng nga eh.. -_-‘

  • Katrine Lao

    KFC Streetwise Value Meals! 🙂 Love it!

  • Eason

    50 pesos? O_O….I guess CDs only or earphones worth 50 pesos :))

  • Oyeps

    News are probably slow today.

  • Griswold

    hindi pa pwedeng pagkain na lang? hehehe. wala ka nang mabibili sa 50 pesos na sulit.

  • thejorlanb

    50 Pesos?
    USB Port hub
    Micro SD Card Reader
    Screen Protector
    USB Cable
    Bottled Ink
    Photo Paper
    Ethernet cable
    Mouse Pad
    Cassette Tape
    Air blower

    and many more…..available at, CDR King. Who else?

  • Chad

    Prolly, BBMAX50 – lol

  • Earphones, tlaga ba mga tol? san yung may 50 lang. Hahahaha 😀