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What now, 3G?

In yesterday’s 3G article, I asked: “What will Filipinos do with 3G?”

After talking to Emerald during the demo of Smart’s 3G, she made it appear as if video conference calling was *the* highlight of 3G.

When I asked to see how the N70 connects to the Internet, she said: “That’s just GPRS. Many other handsets can surf the Internet. 3G just makes it faster.”

She said it as if it was a small thing that 3G has faster data transfers. But I guess she’s just doing her job and highlighting the 3G feature that’s easy for most to comprehend: video conference calls.

Sure, video conference calls are nice. I’m sure there are a lot of applications for video conference calls in the Philippines. (Telemedicine, communications with OFWs, critical “œface-to-face” meetings, live news reportage etc.)

But the faster data transfers ““ I think this will be a big opportunity for finding more applications.

Remember the G-TV? Video clips on your cellphone for a ridiculous fee. With 3G, we have the opportunity to distribute video clips at a more affordable rate. The opportunity to download entire books, photo albums, educational materials, music or audio books, audio/video seminars.

Video conference calls is the “œposter boy” feature, but it is not the only feature of 3G. The increased mobile bandwidth ““ that is the key feature of 3G. The increased bandwidth is what will allow more robust mobile content and applications.

Who else is imagining big things for 3G in the Philippines? What do you have in mind?
Raise your hands (and handsets) please and speak up . . .

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Next week: Let’s hope I find that issue of Newsweek where they featured how Korea has made use of mobile broadband for mobisodes, video calls etc.

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