What’s new with Firefox 1.5

I know this is pretty late in the game, but I just love writing about my favorite web browser. Mozilla Firefox version 1.5 has been out for a couple of weeks now (I wrote about a beta version a while back).  There are several new features, as announced in this Mozilla online media release.

The user interface

  • New “drag and drop” feature for tabbed browsing
  • Improved pop-up blocker
  • New reference search engine Answers.com is now included in Search box
  • Improved Live Bookmarks feature
  • Improved Options interface


  • New “install and forget” auto update system
  • New “clear private data” tool


  • Faster page rendering
  • Better accessibility (to sight- or motor-impaired)

Customization and extensibility

  • The all-too-familiar extensions!

For a heavy web browser like myself, what makes Firefox click for is the user interface. The faster rendering and better security are more or less taken as a given, especially in comparison with IE (though Safari and Opera still claim to be the fastest browsers).  But the combination of having a light, fast, and (especially) tabbed UI was really great.  And now, the ability to rearrange tabs!  Ain’t that sweet?

I’d reckon a good majority of Pinoy.tech.blog readers already use Firefox as their primary browsers (limiting IE use for Windows updates and the like).  If you’re still using IE, better think about switching ASAP (unless you have a very good reason for sticking to it), as you may already be a security risk to yourself and everyone else in your network.  And I assure you the user interface will definitely make your browsing more efficient.  There are a handful of good alternatives to IE, and IMHO, Firefox is the best.

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  • IE7, I think, is even following Mozilla’s lead (?)

    I check out the IE7 blog once in a while.

  • cool 😀 tab reordering 😀
    that’s included in my firefox wishlist

  • zer0type

    a firefox user here… never touched IE ever since…

    “why cant i freaking uninstall IE in my XP?”…

  • What I like about Opera is that the tabs are true MDI windows. You can’t shrink or resize *individual* Firefox tabs. Sometimes an author does not take the ~12 words per line rule of thumb and the content is just too wide to read w/o shrinking.

    That is _one_ of the last advantages Opera has left over Firefox, IMHO.

  • im using smart explorer, which for my opinion is the best of the best web browser ever.. i dunno much about firefox but smart explorer has 4 homepage, once you click it itll open 4 sites at once in 4 different windows, which you can arrange cascading, horizontally and vertically, it has a very nice built in pop up blocker, it can also filters sound, animation, multimedia and picture (to optimize internet connection) integrated 12 search engine (just like fox,f-o-x) it can save your last open pages especially if your computer shuts down accidentally (i love that feature) you can add a 3rd party download manager, and, here is the best part EVERYTIME YOU CLOSE THE SMART EXPLORER APPLICATION, IT’LL ERASE ALL YOUR HISTORY, OPENED PAGES, COOKIES, USER PASSWORD AND TYPED ADDRESSES AUTOMATICALLY! Good for viewing porn site in a family computer (not that i view some..)its not free tho, not mine..

  • super_piyok

    firefox is the best ever… recetly i used IE… but im always disappointed… hehehe:)