Where Do Filipino Workers Go Online?

Interesting takes on US surfing habits while at work.

…the seventh annual “[email protected]” study from Websense, conducted by Harris Interactive, found that employees spend time at work accessing non-work-related sites. Some 61% of respondents with a work-owned internet connection admitted that they spend at least some time surfing non-work-related Web sites during the workday.

What’s more interesting is the disparity between what employees report and what company proxy server cops report.

Do we have the same surfing habits? If I were to make an informal list of sites frequented by Filipino workers while at the office, these sites come to mind:

  1. Friendster.com
  2. INQ7.net
  3. YouTube.com
  4. PinoyTechBlog

And no, I’m not talking from experience 😉

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  • The interweb keeps me alive at the office most of the time since most of the work load comes in at the end of the month.

    1) Meebo.com
    2) Skillze.com forums
    3) google
    4) youtube -> guilty!

    Most of the other stuff I get through RSS so no need to open the site! offhand, these are techcrunch, pinoytechblog, newsvine and boingboing

  • Just be careful of which sites you visit. Some companies track and report the most heavily visited sites and they can trace the info down to the user’s IP address. Some companies may turn a blind eye if the sites are “harmless,” but if you are caught viewing questionable sites (like http://www.killmyboss.com), then you could be in trouble.

  • vemsan

    I work for a telecom company here in Seattle. Everything but google.com had been blocked. Bummer!

  • porn. scandals. porn. umm.. scandals. oh yes, more porn.