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Where do you have your laptop repaired? Official or unofficial service centers?

Dear readers, those who owns a laptop, where do you have it repaired when the warranty’s over? To official service centers? Some third-party repair shops?

I always refer people to have their laptops checked out on official service centers to ensure that parts used are original and new and that it’s being repaired by skilled people. But should that always be the case especially when unofficial repair centers are cheaper?

laptop repair

Here’s what happened to my sister-in-law’s old ASUS 1008 netbook which they bought from the US. The problem was it suddenly stopped charging but it would still run off what’s left of the battery though.

What I did was remove the battery and plugged the adapter but the netbook still won’t turn on. So I thought it must be the charger. I advised them to bring it to ASUS at SM Megamall to have it checked and maybe have a different charger used on it.

So they did. ASUS tried using a different charger but it still won’t work. Upon further examination, they concluded that there was a problem with the motherboard and it needs to be replaced. The total cost? P12,000!! Gee, that’s almost the price of a brand new netbook of the same model!

Eventually, they thought of just getting a new netbook instead. However, a friend referred them to somebody who repairs laptop. This guy found out that it was a motherboard problem indeed but only with the AC port. I don’t know what he did but the netbook was now up and running and it cost them P4,500. We wouldn’t know if the part replaced was old or new and it’s still early to tell if it will break down again in just a few months but they were happy with it.

I’m not saying that you should avoid official service centers. You might be risking the warranty, parts that would easily fail, or making your laptop’s condition worse. I’m asking you guys if what’s your experience dealing with official or unofficial repair centers to help those who would be having the same dilemma as my sister-in-law.

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  • dino cruz

    This was my problem last year with my old laptop, a Dell INspiron 1525. When the original battery started having problems, I went to an Delll store to get an original battery but was dismayed when the shop only sells PC’s, laptops and accessories, not batteries. I tried to order online but the closest Dell Store was in Singapore. The Customer Service agent i was talking to suggested that I just order through a friend and have them mail the package to me. Too much hassle for a simple item.
    I was able to get a generic battery online which worked fine until the power charger conked out wherein i encountered the same problem all over.
    I finally replaced my laptop and just bought a MacBook, which has Official Service Centers and supplies all over the Philippines.

    • I’ve been repairing Laptop system boards for years.
      This means I find the Faulty Components on the Mother board and replace with the factory same.
      The 12000 Peso repair was way out of line. (Too High)..
      I’m guessing they found a board on Ebay and replaced it.
      If anyone needs a board fixed feel free to send me a text.
      If I cannot fix it you do not pay.
      The no charging issue on your machine could have been fixed for 2500 Pesos Max by me.
      (I’m in Sevilla, Sta Cruz Ilocos Sur)

  • Ed

    Ang hirap kasi sa mga service centers dito mas mahal pa ang mag pa repair kesa bumili ng bago or konti nalang ang add mo may bago kanang gamit. Kaya yun i end up letting unofficial repair shop do the job. ok naman so far so good.

  • rotero

    i still send our laptops in the official service center, admittedly YES they charged you much higher than the other repair shop.

    But it will 100% work again and i noticed that it also extend some years on the laptop.. i have here a HP presario v3000 with a replaced motherboard and LCD and still working great! although it is almost 6 yrs na!

  • Jerico

    Usually, it’s an official service center for me. But when one of my laptops had a similar problem (wouldn’t charge), I took it to my electrician friend and he re-soldered some part of the AC port attached to the board. Cost me a hundred pesos, but probably only because we’re friends. šŸ™‚

  • I would send it to an official service center if it’s still under warranty. Otherwise, I would “consider” risking it to an unofficial service center. I currently have keyboard problems and my warranty already expired… My first move could be to take it to an official service center “just to get an idea” of how much it would cost.

  • I think it was better to go to the official service centers, although more expensive than the third-party repair shops, what can we choose?After all,the laptop’s more important.

    • true not unless the cost of repair is almost the same as getting a brand new one, unless of course the contents are too important for you.

  • Francis

    be careful in dealing with SST Laptop Repair in Festival Mall. i brought my laptop there for repair of a damaged casing. but when they returned it to me, one of the locks on the monitor was chipped away. now it does not close properly. i tried to make them responsible for it, but they keep telling me it was already that way when i gave it to them. (they are telling me they know more about my laptop than i!!!!) please be careful.

    • thanks for the heads up Francis!

  • mac

    sir pa share naman yung narefer na repair shop sa inyo šŸ˜›

    Sir ask ko lang din, meron po bang nakakarepair ng mismong laptop charger? (toshiba) kasi yung cord na nilalagay sa pasukan ng adapter sa laptop eh mapuputol na, Then nagconsult ako sa toshiba megamall and they said, they dont repair that kind of sira on the charger, instead they offered me to have a brandnew laptop charger costing PHP 4000. Mahal eh, kaya naghahanap ako ng alternative.

    • it’s elbert online microsystems – 8926047

      • jane

        sir, sa manila po ba yan?

  • I am pro official centers for my laptop repair, simply canĆ¢ā‚¬ā„¢t risk my laptop to a quack. Most of the time people think that if they take help of the unofficial centers they have an advantage because of the reduced price they have to pay. Sarcastically they will have to pay a bigger price in future.

  • evilius

    Depends on d staff, not on official shop or not. My preffered shop services only laptops and is run by a kano for 14years in Cebu. His deep knowledge and competence of laptops is something d official shops only can dream off.

    • oh? where is this shop located in Cebu sir?

    • margaret

      Hi can you please tell me what shop and where is the location? I need to have my laptop repaired šŸ™

  • Francis Mejia

    Kahit anong brand ng laptop nyo,Pag may hardware problem at warranty pa. Ipatingin mo sa authorized service center.

    pag out warranty na at pag mainboard problem. For sure d mo na pagagawa sa kamahal ng repair cost sa authorized service center.

    Kung gusto makatipid, pa check mo sa unofficial service center na capable magrepair ng mainboard. Basta meron sila equipment at familiar sa BGA chip reball or replacement.Big possibility maaayos. syempre maganda rin bigay dapat repair warranty

  • lyra

    I know this entry is old but I also want to give you guys a heads up about SST Laptop. The branch I went to is in Ayala Center Cebu (as someone who just moved to Cebu, this is the only one I know of since it was easiest to find) The staff is very rude and condescending. Yeah, fine. There are a lot of jerks in this world, I get that. But that’s not the worst of it. They promised to get my laptop done in 2-3 days. On the FOURTH day I called them and was rudely spoken to. She told me that they haven’t even repaired said laptop. She even suggested that I do a “pull out.” I was busy so I sent my maid to get it. The employee grabbed the slip from my maids hands (“hinablot”) was the exact word she used and kept rolling her eyes at her (“inirapan”). Totally unprofessional and inconvenient. I have no idea what her problem is. I JUST WANTED MY LAPTOP FIXED.

    After all this grief from those assholes, I think I’d rather just pay some IT guy from across the street. At least I can get it in less than a day without any drama. Never again.

  • oobie

    My first stop was SM north, at the acer service center. They seemed nice enough at the start, I told them it wasn’t working, they said it was a fan problem, then the next day, said it was a motherboard problem and I need to have it replaced and they’ve not got the part. It has to be sent to the main service center at Paco and it will take 2 months. I asked them, if it’s the motherboard, can you not just reflow it, just enough to make it work? “did you google that?” how condescending. and when I insisted that maybe the connectors were just loose, they were pretty sure that it was the motherboard.

    I am leaving the country in a month and I’ve not got 2 months. all i wanted was to hear “you can leave it in a few weeks and if it’s not fixed then pick it up from here”. for some reason they kept on repeating the same malarchy about 2 months and sending it off to paco and having the part shipped from china.

    So i take back the laptop and try another service centre. It was MSI-ECS in Libis. The man I spoke to, a Ronald Sevalla, was very easy to talk to and was very direct and honest with me. So I take the unit there, they do an overnight diagnostic, and it wasn’t the motherboard. the machine was running all night??!! Their tech was way more savvy and certainly had a better attitude. His name was Standford. my hdd was dodgy and the connectors WERE loose. I was able to retrieve all my data and have the hdd replaced and am now using my laptop to write this. For diagnostic and entire repair: 2 days, certainly NOT 2 months, and I didn’t need a new mobo.

    Next time I have laptop issues, i’m not even going to go to any service centre in SM. If MSI-ECS at Libis can handle it, I’m taking it directly there.

    Service Centres are my first stop. But you’ve got to find a decent one :/

    • grayzee

      I know its a year late to ask but how much it cost you for the diagnostic and repair? I’m having problem with my laptop and looking for a service center until I read your statement here. Please help.

  • tomahawak

    depende pa rin ‘to sa repairmen ^_^

    based on my experiences, maraming incompetent techs whether sa service centers and unauthorized service centers

    but there are a FEW techs who really have the know-how, guts and dedication, kaya quality ang gawa..

  • ram

    mas ok ang unofficial service center . not like official service center ang mahal nila gumawa at hindi nila kaya mag repair ng board .. puro sila palit ..

    dinadala ko laptop ko sa protech laptop repair sa banawe qc ok nmn sila gumawa..

    visit nyo nlng http://www.laptoprepairphil.com

    • kebitch

      official or unofficial service centers are all much the same if they have idiots and morons for employees.

  • mike

    If you want to make sure that the tech guys are really competent to repair your laptop just simply ask for their certification. The real certified tech guys usually are proud of letting their customers know of it. Their certification usually hangs on the wall or in a place where its visible to their customers.

  • if you have a laptop,ps3,xbox360 problem just contact me thies is my number 09213319317 we do reball the bga/gpu.

  • Jona C

    In my case, I sent my lenovo laptop to LENOVO concept store in Megamall. My laptop started not to work after a year. kaka-one year lng bigla nasira. I was at ease to send it there kc kala ko maayos dahil hawak nila mismo ung brand ng laptop ko. However, until now, hindi naayos ang laptop ko. Yong mismong management nila magulo. Hindi ko alam kung sino ba dapat iadress sa pagiging unprofessional ng technician nila. Mas pinagtanggol pa nila ang technician nila. Ang point ko lang -HINDI MARUNONG TUMUPAD sa usapan ung technician nila. Actually, nalaman ko ACCENT MICRO PALA ung Lenovo concept store na yun. At ung binilhan ko mismo ng laptop, sister company nila, PC LIVE. SA ngaun, I’m still looking for a good and reliable service center. Any help will do. Thanks.

    • parang ganyan yung nangyari sa amin ng kasama ko, matagal kaming naghanap ng authorized at official acer repair shop sa sm dasmarinas cavite, then we saw one shop na may nakapaskil ng napakalaking ACER sa harap nila na pag tingin mo ay iisipin mong acer talaga pati personnels nila. then nagtanong kami regarding sa repair ng laptop, may nakausap kami na okey ang sales talk, yun pala nung dinala na namin doon ang laptop namin after 3 days binuksan lang yung laptop hinde rin nagawa paguwi namin hinde ko na chineck yung laptop ko kasi sobrang disappointed ako, ang siste after ng ilang araw tsaka ko lang nalaman na hinde pala nagshut down yung damuhong nagmamagaling na technician kuno kaya ang nangyari, ayun pati HDD ko naapektuhan punyeta talaga!! ang ipapagawa ko lang nun eh PROFILE ACCOUNT CAN NOT BE DOWNLOADED ganun lang kasimple. and lately na lang namin nalaman na hinde pala technician s yung mga nandun mga simpleng salesman lang pala na nagsa sideline magrepair. at hinde sa mismong shop nila sa sm dasma ginagawa, take note dadalhin nung lalake sa bahay nila yung computer mo. san ka pa? anyare? kaya umiwas kayo sa shop na yun na nasa sm dasma cavite…

    • Sheryl

      Hi, may I know where your laptop repaired? thank you

  • JeromeV

    IBM Thinkpad R50 is the best. Since ng nabili ko ang IBM Thinkpad R50 ko last 2005. Wala syang major na sira, puro hard disk lang ang pinapalitan ko. unitl now nagagamit ko pa rin sya.

    Sad to say…. wala ng IBM Thinkpad ngayon… Meron LENOVO Thinkpad pero sa tingin ko hindi kayang tapatan ng LENOVO Thinkpad ang quality ng IBM Thinkpad.

  • nadchik

    HI everyone..ask ko lang po san ang the best computer repair service..nasira po ung power connector ng laptop ko..asus g53..pati po ung charger nasira din…any suggestions kung san ko dadalhin laptop ko?

  • cerex tenorio

    Sr. ask ko lang.. my macbook pro is not charging nag switch na po kami ng cousin ko ng charger, kasi baka po charger lang, pero ganun pa rin. Pati nga po lahat ng blog at advised ehh, nagawa ko, ung i reset ung pram at kung anu anu pa. their was a time po na binuksan ko na ung macbook then unplug ung battery ang rese again evrything.anu po kaya ang problema ang how much it cost??

  • Sir may toshiba nb520 po ako ang problema eh pag naka connect yung keyboard hindi o walang power pag press mo sa button nya pag dinisconnect mo ang keyboard or tinananggal mo sa kanyang slot yung flex nya at saka pag press mo sa power button nag on sya at nag power up. tulongan mo po ako dito sa problema sa akin laptop sir.. salamat po!!!

  • Lorna

    Gud day, taga cavite ako will you please help me find a good laptop repair shop kc nbuhusan ng sprite ng anak ko ung keyboard nya while watching aun ncra and wla nmn akong alm n pdng pgaan. tnx s reply

  • Verna

    Hello. Sir my acer aspire 5742 lcd got broken, just want to ask, san po ba the best repair shop na ok gumawa nito. from manila po ako. Thanks!

  • rocco francisco

    If you need laptop and desktop repair in Cavite area you can contact: 09364428610

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