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Where to watch President Noynoy’s SONA online

July 26, 2010 is another big day for the Republic of the Philippines. It will be President Noynoy’s first State Of The Nation Address or SONA.


But unlike the former president who now occupy a seat in the 15th Congress, there will be less fanfares, less props and all. And its not going to be a holiday at all like we’re accustomed to! However, color coding is lifted on Monday.

But wait! To most of us online people, where do we watch the SONA? If you are in the office, do you have TV in your lounge? Are you going to take a leave of absence just to watch it? How about our fellow Pinoy Expats? The Pinoy overseas that has no access to TFC of ABS-CBN?

We have these suggestions to you:

Here are top online sites we have in mind as of press time.

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