Which is the best Linux distro?

I came across an interesting website (polishlinux.org) that helps users decide which Linux distro to use. You can answer a set of questions, after which the site will provide recommendations; or you can do a comparison between two distros in such areas like installation, security/stability, and ease of configuraiton.

I am no hard-core techie, and my first personal in-depth foray into Unix was through Ubuntu. And I was totally impressed with the Ubuntu’s ease of installation and its user-friendliness. I was further surprised that there are even friendlier distros””particularly Mandriva and SUSE. And through VMware I am ready to try out these two other distros, without having to clobber my hard disk or do any sort of disk partitioning.

It’s a useful site””at least to provide an overview of the various Linux flavors. Take a look at the site and if you like it, digg it here.

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  • laosboyme

    lol its easy windows xp might be friendly but Unix is stable….I really choose ubuntu..its more easy to use for me

  • pinoyskull

    i have used quite a few linux distros but my favorite is KUbuntu

  • laosboyme

    =) linux for all

  • My favorite Unix-like OS is Mac OS X. Whoops. Off topic. Heheh 🙂

    I’m good with Ubuntu. Generally less headaches IMHO. I’ve tried several distros in my life–slackware, RedHat, even Bayanihan. It’s Ubuntu that worked well for me when I needed it.

  • hehe, this is the OS I’m currently using: http://beta.zooomr.com/photos/noel/266659/

  • It’s faster and “lighter” than Windows

  • glimpze
  • m3wt

    slackware all the way..

  • lovebuntu

    Ubuntu for me is the best. Easy to use. Worry-free( knowing that there are no viruses attacking my computer) and best of all free. Some people seeing my desktop thought than i’m running vista(“Vista ba yan?”) then I said: “No it’s linux” then they reply: “Woah amazing.”
    Its way faster and more stable than vista and xp combined.