Who are the Macbook Air "Killers"?

You got to hand it to Apple for being innovators when it comes to gadgets. When they released their iPod, everybody followed suit trying to beat it with their own version. Same thing with their iPhone, other phone manufacturers are trying to outdo Apple with their own touchscreen phones.


The Macbook Air has been around for quite some time and now competitors are just launching their own “Air Killers”, trying to emulate its ultra-thin form factor (19.3mm) and light weight design (3 lbs).

Here are the so-called “Air Killers” popping up these days.


First up is the Asus S101 which is more of a netbook rather than a laptop with its 10.2″ display, 1GB RAM and 16GB SSD. It’s lighter than the Air though at only 2.2 lbs and thinner as well at 18mm.


Samsung also released their “Air Killer” recently, the X360. This one’s also lighter than the Air at only 2.8 lbs and is thinnest of the bunch at 16.7mm. It also has a built-in HDMI connection and a huge 128GB SSD. The display size is the same with the Macbook Air at 13.3″ and its sleek design can give Apple a run for its money!


Dell’s Latitude E4200 is a 12.1″ laptop that is ultra-light at 2.2 lbs and just a tad thicker than the Air at 20mm. Looks boring don’t you think?


Lastly, Lenovo got into the game too with its Thinkpad X300. It’s thinner than the Air at 18.5mm but almost have the same weight at 2.93 lbs. One of its nice features is its own integrated DVD burner which is rarely seen in ultra-thin notebooks. It’s the most unstylish among the rest though.

With these innovations, we can just be excited on how Apple will surprise us with yet another cool design on its next Macbook Air update. Maybe it’s time for a MacNetBook.


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  • i agree to most of the above statements. but on the subject the thinkpad x300 being unstylish. I believe being stylish is a highly relative term. Some people( including me and some other peers in my industry) prefer the executive-ish look of the thinkpad. but that just me…


  • nice blogs

  • “First up is the Asus S101 which is thicker than the Air at 25mm and is not a laptop but a netbook with its 10.2″ display, 1GB RAM and 16GB SSD. It’s lighter than the Air though at only 2.2 lbs and thinner as well at 18mm.”

    Got confused there. 25mm or 18mm? Which is it?

  • thanks for the catch JP. sometimes you’d rather look at the pics than read the text. hehehe. actually it’s thickness ranges from 18mm to 25mm. Dunno what configuration could give you the 25mm though.