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Why did Apple release the iPad 4 this early?

Not really overshadowed by the launch of the iPad mini, the iPad 4 was also unveiled and a lot of iPad 3 owners are miffed with its arrival.

The iPad 4 came just about 7 months after the iPad 3 was launched with only a slight spec bump and a new connector. You must be wondering why not wait until next year for the next version and a few more upgrades as Apple normally does?

Well here are our thoughts on this matter:


It has something to do with the Lightning connector. The iPhone 5, the new iPods and the iPad mini all have the smaller Lightning connector, so why not do the same with the iPad? Apple wants new adopters of their products to have the same mindset when it comes to choosing accessories. A new iPhone 5 owner who also wants to get an iPad will no longer have to deal with different connectors and accessories.

It has something to do with the iPad mini. Apple probably thinks that with the arrival of the iPad mini, a lot of people will choose it over the iPad 3 since the specs are almost identical. Giving the iPad 4 the twice-powerful A6X processor will slightly widen the gap of the iPad and the iPad mini.

It has something to do with the iPad 3. Frankly speaking, the iPad 3 was a letdown, similar to how the iPod Touch 3rd Gen was a poor upgrade from its predecessor. The iPad 4 should be the iPad 3 but Apple had to show something to the public last March so they went out with the iPad 3 and highlighted its Retina Display and nothing else.

Anyway you look at it, me thinks Apple screwed iPad 3 owners with the release of the iPad 4, but don’t feel bad if you’re one of them. Apple has been doing this for a long time already and as long as you’re perfectly happy with your iDevice then you shouldn’t be bothered by this.

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  • People aren’t happy with their 3rd gen iPad because they never needed the product in the first place. It was only a status symbol. They spent their valuable $$$ on it. Now, their social status has been downgraded. Of course, they are unhappy. Who wouldn’t be. The problem is, they don’t know Apple well and long enough – that Apple has done this a number of times already, updating something sooner. The thing is, the iPad 3 is still a very capable device. The thing is, people should be happy that current accessories still work with the iPad 3. And those are all probably even cheaper now. But again, to most of them, it’s not about the device, it’s about status.

    • JOHN

      Yes, you’re right about that. I will really be happy if Apple releases iPad 5 next year, then it should have a USB port in it and maybe a new processor called A7.

  • thejorlanb

    what I can see is that, Apple is now playing the catch-up game..

  • WONDERer

    In my opinion, if people would still suck up to this and buy it then apple would no doubt do it again, and again, ….and again as long as they can because they are apple. The excuse of a new connector, slight spec bump is a lame excuse on this point of view. I mean if they really wanted to put everything on the a6 generation CPU then why did they not do this on the iPod touch? And they themselves have those new to old connector things for compatibility.

  • Eds

    Siguro kaya nag release ngayon ng 4th iPad para next march wala na, so ang next upgrade October din sabay sabay na ang upgrade para sa lahat ng products nila. from phones to tablets to PMPs to MACs

  • DriftSpeed

    Hmmm…most likely just to have a unified lightning port across all their devices — the 4th gen iPad is for people who do not have the 3rd generation iPad yet.

    Btw, the iPad mini does NOT have identical specs with the iPad 3 (A5 vs A5X, 1024 x 768 vs. Retina, etc.) The mini is more closely spec’d to the iPad 2. A5 is already dual core with dual core graphics whilst the A5X is dual core with Quad core graphics. No idea on the A6 chip though but it isn’t quad core.

    • that’s why we used almost… besides not a lot of people know the diff between a5 and a5x. the obvious difference would be the display but it wouldn’t really matter a lot because the mini’s display is smaller.

  • i think this is a good marketing for Apple, having a lot of options for the consumer is a good move. And I think they are losing to other tablet maker who has smaller device

  • Griswold

    wala na silang mainnovate… talo na sila ng android and windows. basta lang may mailabas in time for christmas. poor apple.