Why I ditched 24/7

I used to be a 24/7 junkie. By 24/7, I refer to Sun Cellular’s offering of unlimited calls and SMS within the network for a flat monthly or weekly rate. This, and the similar offerings launched by Sun’s rival networks Globe and Smart, is such a boon to frequent travellers and people who need to constantly communicate with friends and loved ones while on the road.

Yes, I only got to pay PhP 350 per month (per account) to enjoy that unlimited service, but it turned out that the cost is much, much greater than the benefit in my case.

For one, Sun’s signal strength has a lot to improve on. There are a lot of dead spots even within the Metropolis. Even my own residence is mostly a dead spot for this network.

And given the network congestion, one can only wonder whether it’s worth it to have to dial and re-dial sometimes hundreds of times before a call can push through. True, you can call for “free”–if you can get to connect at all!

When Smart launched its similar “25/8” service, I was tempted to switch, but I had already invested in re-activating old prepaid Sun SIMs for my wife and myself, and all of our contacts communicate with us through that number.

So I decided to switch back to using my Globe number as a primary contact mobile. Same with my wife–since she didn’t have Sun signal where she works. My siblings, all using Sun, also told me they stopped using 24/7, since they’d rather use the funds to buy regular load.

And by the time Globe launched its own short-lived unlimited service, the novelty had worn off.

I ditched Sun and its unlimited plans; and I kept away from other networks’ similar schemes. Yes, he novelty wore off. I realized that I better stick to using my mobile for those more important and necessary calls and SMS, rather than trivial matters. What’s the use of a 24/7 subscription when important calls couldn’t push through due to the congestion.

And these days, I find myself communicating more through email and instant messaging.

And for those long calls, there’s always the landline!

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  • agree! I’ve junked unlimited. I use my regular plan for important calls/text.

    PLDT unlimited is here to stay. That’s one service i’l be relying on.

    ka edong

  • jose

    the reasons i got a sun cellular prepaid subscription aside from globe prepaid is that 1st, Sun’s signal is stronger (4/5 to 5/5 signal bars) than globe (0/5 to 1/5 signal bars). 2nd, a number of my friends have Sun cellular.

    sun seems to be a good sms only phone as it has more free text to all networks than its rivals. the only thing i’m not satisfied is Sun int’ text messaging. 9 peso per intl text is cheap but a real wast of money if your intl friends don’t receive your text.

  • gouki

    And for those long calls, there’s always “google talk’s voip” 😛

  • AlienX2

    Jose, Where do you live with your Sun Cellular (4/5 to 5/5 signal bars)?? My friend told me that he have problem about Sun Cellular. It is always 0/5 to 2/5 when he was in Magallanes, Makati. I saw My Globe got 0/5 to 1/5 signal.. I dont know about any reason of Globe. I really like Sun Cellular. But i think it got 0/5 to 2/5 signal.. =/

  • No justice for postpaid subscribers!

  • Krakista

    Postpaid subscribers got their free phone. But it’s really much more expensive than paying up front. I’ve a dedicated prepaid cellphone for incoming calls (my forwarded calls from landline) and its subscription costs me only 24 pesos annually (2 pesos monthly). It’s the Super-Tipid Prepaid Plan. You just need to hack your SIM.

  • Krakista,

    Wow. Care to share how you hacked your SIM?

  • Krakista

    Can’t post that publicly. I can share it with you in person. Forwarding landline calls spares me the expense of having a secretary to answer my calls. Forwarded calls cost P13.75 per minute but I almost never answer whenever I recognize the caller id. I can opt to call back via landline or through my regular cellphone which costs P7.50 per minute but still P6.25 cheaper than answering outright. There are really so many ways to get around their system to save money.

  • ljiue


    can you share with me how u hacked ur sim?
    09224723268. thanks.

  • jonalyn

    naka2inis c jb,akala ko pa naman mahal na mahal nya c say tapos hindi nakatiis,nanligaw naman kay angelica.hay naku ….kaya ikaw angelica wag kang pasi2guro jan kay jb ma2ya lokohin ka rin nya,sabihin nya rin sau na mahal na mahal ka nya kung pala iba naman ang mahal.