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Why is this Samsung Galaxy S4 showing a Snapdragon S4 chip?

You probably know already that the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in two variants for its processor chip. One will get the Samsung Exynos Octa and the other variant will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core chip.

But why is this Samsung Galaxy S4 we played with during the New York launch show a Snapdragon S4 chip?


The above is from Quadrant Benchmark’s System Info and it shows that the device is using a Qualcomm MSM8960 chip which is a dual-core chip from the S4 Plus family. However, other details are correct such as 4 cores with each having a max frequency of 1.9GHz which is consistent with the Snapdragon 600 specifications.


Running the Quadrant too shows an impressive 11k+ score which is pretty much what we can expect from Snapdragon 600.

I’m guessing Quadrant needs to be updated to properly view Snapdragon 600 SoCs. Anyway, things are looking bright for Galaxy S4 fans in the country as both variants will be available in the country.

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