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Why you shouldn’t be too keen on 4G phones yet

Are you high on 4G-enabled phones? I know there are people out there who look for 4G-capability whenever they see a new phone come out. It makes them disregard the handset whenever they hear that it can’t support HSPA+ or LTE.

4G Phone. Do you really need it?

I know it’s a nice to have feature and will future-proof your phone but don’t let it be a deal-breaker at this point. Here are 3 reasons why.

You probably won’t need it

For most mobile internet purposes 3G is still enough. The only time you would need to take advantage of 4G speed is that if you’re a chronic downloader or somebody who opts to watch movies, videos and TV shows online. And would you always want to tether your phone to your PC or to a power source just to keep that 4G connection running?

Other than WiMax, 4G technology is not yet widely propagated

Globe has HSPA+ while SMART is coming up with LTE in the metro but I won’t see it rolled out to a lot of areas pretty soon. HSPA+ is cheaper and faster to implement but Globe is still targeting areas with congested networks or poor 3G signals. For a mobile user who subscribed to a 4G plan, you would want to be able to take advantage of it everywhere you are right? I still see 4G networks to be widely available in 2013 and by that time, you would want to replace your aging phone.

4G chip still not yet optimal

The reason why iPhone 5 won’t be having 4G capability is because integrated 3G and 4G chips are not yet available till 2012. Right now, 4G phones have a 4G baseband modem chip and a separate 3G chip. The result? Poor battery life. If you think 3G always on is bad for the battery. 4G is worst. 4G browsing tests on the HTC Thunderbolt shows that battery life will only go up to 4 hours (while some only get 2 to 3 hours).

Again, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get that 4G phone like the Samsung Galaxy SII (it’s a great phone really). All I’m saying is that if you’re stuck choosing between two or three phones, don’t let the deciding factor be the 4G capability. Well not unless you really want that for your downloading purposes. In that case, I would recommend getting a 4G dongle instead.

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  • supertoblerone

    Amen! 🙂 Thanks!

  • jayarlou

    2012 Samsung Galaxy SIII will release with LTE Capability. 🙂

  • disqb00t

    Well, for one, I plan to stream video/audio feed using apps. And I do a lot of video/IM/VoIP calls. Higher bandwidth = clearer quality calls.

    • rocketlog

      well then, you’re one of the few who would be needing the 4G thing. and a powerpack or two should be handy. because you, sir, are gonna be needing them.

      • disqb00t

        Yup I’m also looking forward to purchase one of those if only Globe would expedite their preorder process. But from the way they’re handling the preorder applications, I’m doubtful I can get working on it soon.