Globe announces WiFi + Cellular iPad Mini and iPad 4 plans

The iPad mini and the iPad 4 has made itself visible in the online Apple Store and also in local authorized Apple resellers. Stocks are scarce though for the iPad mini.

globe ipad mini

However, if you’re looking for the WiFi + cellular models of these new Apple slates, Globe is already offering them in both postpaid and prepaid subscriptions. You can check out the pricing below.

iPad mini

Postpaid Plan 999Prepaid Kit
iPad Model16 GB32 GB64 GB16 GB32 GB64 GB
Monthly Service FeeP999Not Applicable
BrowsingUnlimitedSurfing promos or
regular Prepaid browsing rates
Upfront Device PriceP13,990P18,790P23,590P21,990P26,990P31,990
Lock-in Period24-month contractNo lock-in

iPad 4

Postpaid Plan 999Prepaid Kit
iPad Model16 GB32 GB64 GB16 GB32 GB64 GB
Monthly Service FeeP999Not Applicable
BrowsingUnlimitedSurfing promos or
regular Prepaid browsing rates
Upfront Device PriceP21,300P25,290P29,990P29,990P33,990P38,990
Lock-in Period24-month contractNo lock-in

The prepaid pricing of the iPad mini is the same as that of unlocked units in stores. While Globe is offering the iPad 4 (32GB and 64GB) at a lower price when in prepaid than that from Apple’s official pricing.

Getting from Globe however, will allow you to pay for the device in 0% installment for up to 24 months.

[Globe iPad mini | Globe iPad 4]
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  • Jack

    3G browsing or LTE browsing?

    • Ketic

      You can make use of the lte browsing and portable hotspot if you subscribe to their postpaid plan..

  • nelo

    what does the upfront device price means?

    • sinneD

      cash out,
      to avail unlimited 999, u only have to pay P13,990 for the device and P999/month for 24 months

      • shahany

        pano po pag meron na ako ipad mini 999pesos din ba babayaran ko to avail unlimited surf?

        • CarlosJhunie

          Yes, P999 pa din for Unlisurf. For Prepaid, you can subscribe via *143#. For Postpaid, pwede yata yung sim lang, P999 din a month pero not sure yung contract kung 24 months din. Sa unlisurf plan 999 may mga free device/phone din sila, kung 24 month contract din lang, kunin mo na yung may free device.

          • muymuy

            pwede bang magdown muna ng 2000 then 999 na monthly for 24 months?

  • sinneD

    sana smart bro meron din nito,
    globe, mabagal net,may cap pa!

  • ding

    yung sim ba pwedeng pang regular na itext like kung globe pwede ako magtext sa smart sun etc? thanks

    • sinneD

      Unfortunately, hnd SMS-cabpable ang iPad
      meron cla iMessenger to chat with iOS to iOS device
      SIM is for data connection only, alternative s wi-fi kung hnd available.

      • shahany

        i got my ipad mini just recently. can i avail the the monthly service fee which P999? i only need it for a month or so. is it possible?

        • Ken

          Uhm tanong ko lang po.. Kung kukuha akong ipad mini plan 999 cash out is 13k pwde bang credit card? Thanks

  • Carla

    San po globe store available ang ipad mini 32gb?

    • sinneD

      As far as i know, by next week pa available sa lahat ng iStore, beyond the box at globe eto, meron ka makikita sa labas ng store na to pero mas mahal ng kaunti,

  • Nic

    pede cashout nya is 583/month for 24 months? ung ipad mini 16GB

  • Franz

    Is it possible to divide the 13k to 24 months payment(500+/month)?

  • May cash-out po ba ?

  • encheng

    pede po b ung cash out ng ipad 4 byarn ng installment ksbay ng monthly! o pde kya kumuha ng ipad 4 n d ksma ung unlimited browsing n 999

  • joba

    pwd ba mag plan ang ipad mini ung 3g lng?

  • Is it true that if you’re working in a call center, you must be atleast 2 years in a company that you’re working in order for you to avail the globe ipad plan?

  • lalala

    pano po ba ung bayaran? 999/mos. for internet lng po in 24 mos? hiwalay p ung 21,300 for ipad 4?

  • roel

    pnu po b magavail ng ipad mini plan 999,,anu po b needs n requirements para mkuha ko xa..tnx po

  • ai-a

    paano ito ma avail? requirement? pls email mo all details [email protected]

  • Yo mga guys!! So you pay 999 per month hangang maging 13k? And is there any downpayment before getting the unit (iPad Mini)? Or do you have to pay 13k agad and pay 999 per month para sa 3G network?

    • michi

      no.. 13990 cash out un for ipad mini then 999 babayaran mu every month

      • kuchi

        pwede bang magdown muna ng 2000 then 999 na monthly for 24 months?

  • Yvette

    Is there a cash out charged to bill like they did to iphone5?

  • Why globe prices is higher than pricing when you buy from a shop o mall? Who will going buy from them?

  • Ketic

    I have a prepaid kit of iphone 5.. I register to supersurf999 for 30 days.. I don’t have any connection problems with globe.. However 1 thing that i regret is that i cannot use the full functionality of my phone (e.g. LTE and personal hotspot) if youll check in the apple store, ipad mini wifi+cellular is 16,000 for 16g.. While globe is offering it for 14000.. If you guys will go with postpaid, pros are: 2000 php cheaper as compared to the apple store+unlimited internet+ full functionality+ no hassle finding a store for autoload max (you can’t use prepaid cards since it doesn’t have phone function).. I suggest go with the plan 999..

  • nepze

    how much do I need to pay po as downpayment, yung first thing talaga na babayaran ko to get the unit and avail of the plan?

    • Ketic

      Check m ung table s taas.. Ung UPFRONT DEVICE PRICE..

  • Daisy

    How can I activate htspot of my ipad mini?

    • Go to settings there should be a personal hotspot menu there.

  • Vince

    magkano po ba talaga ang plan..999 lang po ba ang babayaran kapag na plan ka o may cash out pa..

  • Karole Nina Mandap

    Thank u so much for this blog. Very helpful 🙂