WiGo Spot Free WiFi

wigo-free-wifiA new free wifi hotspot service has been spreading around Makati City. Dubbed the WiGO Spot, the free wifi hotspot service provides unlimited wireless internet access to anyone within range. The catch — you need to download an ad bar which sits at the bottom of your screen.

The ad-supported free wifi service was first spotted at RockWell but the list has grown to include BelAir Village in Makati, LKG Tower Food Oddysey, PBCOM Tower Food Patio, Shakey’s Rada-Jaycem Bldg., and the Food Park at the Enterprise Center.

Looks like the service provider is Globe Telecoms thru their Wireless Internet Zone (WiZ). Anyones who has a wifi-enabled device can automatically connect to the service and get about 5 minutes of free internet time. You are then, redirected to the WiGo website and will be asked to signup for an account as well as download and install the ad toolbar.

You will then be given 10 more minutes to surf so you can access your email and activate your account. Once activated, just launched the toolbar and start surfing.

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