Will Origami fly in Philippines?

I have always wondered what Microsoft’s Origami project was about. Of course I know what it is. But what I am puzzled about is what is it actually for. Is it a PDA? Is it a laptop replacement?

Now, according to an interview with Betanews, Otto Berkes, the architect and general manager of the Origami line (now officially known as Ultra-Mobile PC, or UMPC) cites:

Today’s desktops and laptops are not designed for true “on the go” use, he explained, but people are increasingly going mobile.

The UMPC opens up a wider array of computing scenarios, including easier in-car use, or walking down a hall between meetings.

Easier in-car use? I assume he assumed you were the passenger because driving while operating the UMPC will definitely get you into trouble. But even if this is so, have you ever tried writing notes while going through our bumpy and pothole-ridden roads?

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  • With starting price of US$599 I don’t think pinoy/pinay would grab this gadget rightaway (siguro may-iilan). Instead, I would bet on the $100 pc project although it’s not available commercially but if ever they’re going to develop this project for consumer plus all the bells and whistles that oragami currently have (less windows ) then I think I would buy one!

  • Off topic, sorry I can’t post. Do you know that legal services is a $250billion industry (US alone) and some of these services can be outsource which I think pinoy lawyers are more qualified than their indian counterpart but I think this law firm never heard of the Philippines. Any lawyers here??

  • Elmer,
    There is at least one lawyer here. We’ve also thought about putting up a Pinoy business blog similar to this tech blog.

    Re: Origami
    $599 should be no problem to people who buy phones/PDAs that cost that much. Might be useful for watching videos?

  • Did Palm’s 4GB Lifedrive made it successfully here? I haven’t seen anyone using it. Specs are also the same and the price is in the range of Php30k too.