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Win an ASUS ZenFone 2 at the ASUS 100 Days of Zen

Here’s your chance to win an ASUS ZenFone 2. ASUS has partnered with artist Robert Jahns in launching the ASUS 100 Days of Zen – a 100 day long creative initiative led by the Instagram sensation himself. Over the course of 100 days, you can create and share your own image based on the series of incredible photos taken by Robert with ZenFone 2.

A winner will be announced every day (for 99 days) and the grand prize winner, who will be picked by Robert will be invited to join him in a special location shoot as part of the See What Others Can’t See Photo Series.

“œMany images I create are built on 2 important elements: collaboration and inspiration. Collaborations are at the heart of my work. And with each piece I create, I’m aiming to make people smile and to inspire them with something that’s incredible, beautiful and new,” says Robert. “œA lot of my work is done on a smartphone ““ including shooting, editing and creating. I’ve been using the ZenFone 2 professionally for a few months now. With 100 Days of Zen, I’m inviting people from all corners of the world to be inspired by the photos I’ve taken on the ZenFone 2 and to get creative making an incredible image. You can imagine anything with the technology that’s in your reach ““ just get started.”

asus 100 days of zen

Here’s how you can join the 100 Days of Zen and win an ASUS ZenFone 2:
1. Visit the 100 Days of Zen website at http://www.asus.com/campaign/zenfone2/#zenfone-2
2. Pick an original ZenFone 2 photo taken by Robert from the gallery.
3. Let your imagination run wild and add your own creative elements to it. Remix, reboot, refilter, or retake, it’s entirely up to you. You are free to use whatever software, applications and materials you choose to make it your own.
4. Hashtag your creation with #100DaysOfZen and post it on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be in the running to win your very own ZenFone

“œRobert Jahns is one of Instagram’s most imaginative storytellers and the ZenFone 2’s most inspirational collaborator ““ we are thrilled with the progress on the See What Others Can’t See Photo Series. His incredible, surreal expressions of life, captured as he’s travelled the globe, are an inspiration. His artistry embodies everything we’ve poured into the ZenFone 2. 100 Days of Zen will be amazing.” Erik Hermanson, ASUS Head of Marketing – Mobile

Check out Rober Jahns’ amazing artworks at www.instagram.com/nois7″¨

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