Windows “Bintana”: Truth or Hoax?

We previously covered Pinoy Windows. At the Microsoft Philippines 10 year anniversary, PGMA called it “Bintana”, to the surprise of Microsoft officials.

But then:

It turned out, however, that Arroyo was accurate all along as it was Microsoft Philippines managing director Antonio “TJ” Javier who personally briefed the president about the “unheard of” product…. Sought for confirmation, Javier admitted “Bintana” is indeed a real project that will be launched “within the year.” “It’s just awaiting approval from the company headquarters in Redmond, Washington,” the official said.

The excitement comes in with the claim that the Tagalog-localized “Bintana” is not the very limited Windows XP Starter Edition:

But the Microsoft executive clarified that “Bintana” is a full and complete variant of Microsoft Windows unlike the Starter Edition that the giant software maker has introduced as an entry-level version in developing economies such as Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

He said “Bintana” has all the networking features of Windows lacking in the stripped-down Starter Edition. It is also compatible with all Microsoft applications, including English version of MS Office.

Today, Jojo Ayson of Microsoft Philippines denies it:

Speculation is always the stuff of legends. Let me put this issue to rest…


Microsoft is committed to providing the tools and technologies required to develop local IT economies and enable language groups to participate in this growth. One of these is our global initiative called the Local Language Program that fosters the development and proliferation of regional language groups, enabling them to preserve and promote their language and culture while benefiting from continuing IT advancements.

Right now, we are working very closely with our colleagues in Redmond to bring this program to the Philippines.

So what really happened at the Microsoft Anniversary? Political grandstanding?

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  • Hmmmmm… Maybe they have problems with PR? Whoever is drafting their PR stuff must be having one heck of a time right now.

  • Eek.

    Anywaym, Windows in another language makes sense if there’s an immense hindrance for the average computer user in that country/language region with English.

    Also, why can’t the government support Bayanihan Linux instead? Didn’t they allot a budget to have it developed, tapos, yun lang? Di naman gagamitin?


  • This is the kind of embarassment you get when you’re not quite “tuned in” to ‘Net buzz.

  • Microsoft Bintana is an issue wayback 2000 i think. And some spoof images has already shown. Plus the Windows hack that tagalized all the alert messages on Windows as well as Menus.

  • Yeah, I wonder what happened to Bayanihan Linux. As for tagalog version of Windows, I don’t think people are going to actually use it. We have been used to the english language too long it has become natural for us. Why the heck do they want a tagalog version. Case in point, how many of you have set your cellphone’s language to Filipino. Malaysian and Filipinos are of different breed. We’ve been singing english rock songs even before they discovered about rock and roll. (No flamebait here)

  • If you guys would google “iLoo”, I believe you would find another much more infamous instance of when MS said something and took it back later.

  • nabulsa na siguro yung pondo ng bayanihan linux kaya parang kinalimutan na.

  • DarkBlak: Mukhang hindi naman e, based on what’s in

    Balak ko nga bumili ng shirts nila e 🙂

  • minor

    PGMA support ‘bintana’? ano yung babae sa bintana?

  • Anna

    Am I the only one who thinks this part of the article is funny?

    “[Javier] did not elaborate how programming commands, written in Tagalog, would be recognized by the computers.”

  • @anna, katulad nito:

    ipconfig /lahat

  • Para buksan ang panulat-papel, pindutin ang Umpisa -> Palatuntunan -> Palamuti -> Panulat-Papel.

    Tangkilikin ang sariling atin! nyehehe

  • paborito ko yung “akin-tagawalis”, “tagabilang-welga”, at shempre “litrato-tindahan-CS2”

  • But “Windows Bintana” is redundant right? Could be Microsoft Bintana? hehehe

  • or “Maliitnamaliitlambot Bintana”

  • vinthalie

    kelan sya nagsalita?

    President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo caught everyone by surprise during the tenth anniversary bash of Microsoft Philippines last August 25 when she thanked in her speech the software company for a lowcost and localized version of Microsoft Windows called “Bintana” that it will roll out soon.

    tignan nyu 2 :

    The Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team started with a 30-day countdown that began on August 16 and will end on September 15. It will be followed by a crackdown phase in which a series of raids against software copyright violators will be conducted nationwide. Companies are expected to correct license misuse before the crackdown begins.

    parang me Conspiracy d2, tinutulungan nya ba mga pinoy d2? anu ba nasan na ung bintana na sinasabi nya? bakit ngayon wala pa? bakit ngayon pipipilit tayo ng BILL GATES Bumili ng english version nya na sobra naman mahal?

  • Bien Marikina

    Bomalabs na yang Bintana na yan! Kung tutuusin, mas mahal pa yan kasi bagong programming na naman mangyayari. Ang ginto, balutin mo man ng putik, ginto pa rin, idagdag mo pa gastos sa pagbalot ng putik. Do you realize how many command lines they have to modify para maging tagalog ang output? Kung papayag si Bill ng mas mura nga, konti lang. I think the price difference wouldn’t be worth it. Maghihintay ka pa ng patches in Filipino para sa million and one bugs ng software na yan. Yung English version nga, d na sila magkanda-ugaga, tagalog pa?! My two centavos: Stick to the original English version.
    Bakit kaya ang daming nagrereklamo sa Microsoft na mahal daw masyado? Magtayo ka kaya ng kumpanya na ganun para malaman?
    Computer Rental operator ako, pero di si Bill Gates ang problema. Ang problema, madaming nagtatayo ng Computer Rentals na di naman kaya ng budget, so they resort to pirated softwares. Tama ba yun?! Tapos pag nakitang madaming tao sa kabilang shop, nagbabagsak ng presyo. Eh di pare pareho nang walang kinita? After a year, bulok na mouse, burado na keyboard, pero di pa rin mapalitan. Yung CPU halos di na mabenta sa magbobote sa kalumaan, di makapag-upgrade. Nauso na nga walang aircon na shop sa mahal ng kuryente eh (including me). Sino panalo dun?!
    Kaya madaming tinatamaan sa piracy crackdown, kasi madaming gumagamit ng pirated softwares na shops. Ang pagnanakaw ay pagnanakaw. Kahit bali-baligtarin mo man ang mundo, pagnanakaw pa rin yun. Ninakawan mo na si Bill Gates, ninakawan mo pa katabi mong shop na gumastos sa legal na softwares.
    Ngayon para silang paniki na takot na takot at sa gabi na lang nagbubukas. Karma lang yan. Pag sinimulan mo sa mali, walang magandang kahihinatnan. Better close shop ang venture into other businesses na kaya ng budget mo. Start small, work hard, at magbubunga din pinaghirapan mo.
    D kaya, mag Linux ka na lang. Gudluck na lang sa pagpapaandar ng mga laro ngayon. I tried, pero mukhang mababaliw lang ako bago ko mapaandar ng matino yun. Madaming nagsasabing nagawa na daw nila, puro “screenshots” lang naman. Mukhang pirated na “Photoshop” output lang yun. O di kaya Windows na ginawaan ng “Linux Theme”. Somayosep, tao nga naman, makayabang lang.
    Sana naman may magpakita ng isang “working” Linux setup sa internet tailored for computer gaming. Para naman makatipid sa susunod na mga PC. Nakatulong ka na, tunay na bayani ka pa!
    Moral of this incident? Lumagay ka sa tama, at ng d ka mapasama. Lumagay ka sa mali, pati katabi mo madadamay mo pa.
    Filipinos should stop taking shortcuts at the expense of others. If you want to go into business, do the math and the demographics! Pag-aralang mabuti bago pumasok! Mas maganda kung may kasamang dasal.
    Pinoy ka! Kaya mo yan tol!
    PS. Sa may-ari ng blog, sori po, medyo na off topic ako. D lang makapagpigil…

  • it should be a microsoft bintana,try to see this site…interesting!

  • lol… Bintana? gawang pinoy hehe siguro masyadong malaki space ng clickable button dun.. like yung Start eh “Umpisahan”

  • Ted


    Run> Shutdown

    Takbo> Isara!


  • No Windows Bintana, Vista edition?

  • legionofdoom

    NO WINDOWS/MICROSOFT “BINTANA” and it’s closed… ok?

  • bintana is an additional option. mabuti na ‘yung may dagdag na language tool which is useful to our fellow Filipino who can understand and express themselves in our own local language. makabubuti ito sa pagyaman ng wika natin. napansin ko lang, umunlad ang USA dahil sakop nila ang pagsasalita natin. Ingles tayo ng ingles, bili tayo ng bili ng produktong gamit ay ingles kaya sila ang yumayaman. Ang Japan, maunlad sila hindi dahil magaling silang mag-ingles. They love their own language. They produced inventions,discoveries and ideas not because of English! It’s because they know how to create concepts thru their own language. Kaya mga Tsong, kung magaling tayo sa Ingles dapat mas magaling tayo sa sarili nating wika. Let’s use English but don’t let english use us! It’s an advantage to understand both Filipino and English! Di ba kayo nagtataka, sa TV… radyo…tagalog…mga koreanovela… diaryo..tagalog. Pero pagdating sa eskwela pinipilit tayong mag-ingles! Samantalang mas madaling maintindihan ng bata ang concept ng pinag-aaralan sa katutubong dila nya. Ay naku, pati mga sermon ng pari tagalog! Hwag na tayong kumontra sa Microsoft Bintana, mabuti ang may Filipino version niyan. Sya nga pala, ginagawa na namin sa UP diliman ang translation ng Microsoft Bintana. CONFIRM NA YAN, Microsoft Bintana talaga! Target na mailabas na ang Filipino Software Dictionary this March 2008. Ang UP diliman ang napiling gumawa ng translation ng software. Thanks!