Windows Registry Tweaks

I’ve had an experience where I tried uninstalling via the Control Panel’s Add/Remove Software but then the Uninstall failed due to some reason I do not know. Of course the high-risk way of doing uninstall is manually deleting the software in the Program Files and manually deleting the registries in RegEdit. RegEdit is the registry editor for Windows and you can access it via Start then, Run then type regedit and press Enter. And it is a crazy thing to do because you might delete registries that are not associated with the one you uninstalled manually.

There’s a lot more that you can do with the Windows registry. You could tweak it in some way so that it would enhance your computing experience. If you have been experiencing applications hanging up that would make you want to bang your PC with a hammer, there’s a registry tweak that would allow you to automatically end that particular application or software. In this way, you do not have to access the Task Manager and stop the application from there.

And if you have a PC at home and you have a set of users for it, there’s a tweak in the registry that would restrict a particular user from using a particular application. More of Windows Registry tweaks can be found here.

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