WiniLa and WiniLaCity closes down

Heard of an auction site called WiniLa? Or its deal site offspring WiniLaCity? No? Doesn’t matter because those two sites closed down after it went out of business recently.


Blue Holdings which is based in Hong Kong and owns WiniLa and WiniLaCity went bankrupt recently. Its BPO partner, Funlabs Corp. which provides logistics and support for the two sites closed down its office in Manila and had to lay off 90% of its employees. This is surprising because I remembered seeing them during the E-Games Domination V gaming event last month at SMX Convention Center.


Winila is a unique kind of online auction site where you buy bids and use those bids to win stuff. Some was able to win a PS3 for only P200+ and I was able to get a Nike + Sports Kit for only P700 from Winila. I stopped visiting the site when they stopped auctioning premium items. I thought they were just planning something big but it turned out that it was a sign that things aren’t going well for the company.

So have you heard of Winila or participated in its auctions?

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  • Bad for the employee’s of Winila and for our country’s unemployment rate. Tnx for sharing, Calvin! Rock On!

  • myk

    yup i’ve heard of it and actually i’m mykferrer09 the one who won the ps3 for 200 pesos 🙂

    • Blitz

      Myk you’re the reason the company closed down! haha kidding, yeah I’ve seen you around the site, you’re damn good at bidding MykFerrer09!

      There’s another Auction site called !
      are you also a member there?

      tho I dont expect them to go bankrupt anytime soon… Their BID Points are EXPENSIVE! 1000 pesos for 100 bids! lol i guess that’s the mistake of winila.. (cheap bid points, expensive items/price increase per bid)

  • I Wei