Wireless internet on bicycles

  • wahahahaha, thats a good one.. it brought a tear in my eye..

    im sorry, is this serious..?

    and where are they going to deploy this..? in tondo where people cant afford to have a regular phone line connected, or in a low crime rate places where people are rich..?

    “The computers, however, must still be connected to regular power outlet to function, Ramon Isberto, Smart public affairs head, said.”

    there goes another tear..

  • Kapatid,

    Don’t laugh too hard. 😀

    Initiatives like these are what bring about technology adoption to the grassroots.

    There’s one Central American technology initiative where they installed a hotspot on a travelling bus. When the bus passes through remote towns, the town can send&receive stored e-mails. They have access for a couple of minutes a day and it serves their purpose for e-mail connectivity.

    Smart’s method might need some (a lot) of experiments and improvements. But the thought is there. I give them that.

    ka edong

  • got a picture here