Woof Portable iPod Speaker Review

Mobile Wonders, distributors of all sorts of portable mini speakers sent us the Woof iPod speaker for review. It’s not a new product and you’ve probably encountered or owned one already but to those who don’t, here’s a review for you.

woof 01

The Woof is a lightweight portable speaker with a clever design. It has an expandable diaphragm at the back to give your sound more bass and depth. Because of this feature, the Woof sounds really good even in loud volume even if it’s made of plastic.

woof 02 woof 03

At first I thought it was made specifically for iPods with its built-in Apple 30-pin connector and no 3.5mm port, until I saw the included miniUSB to USB/3.5mm jack cable which allows you to plug and use it as a speaker for your devices. The miniUSB port is located on one side for charging and audio input.

woof 04 woof 05

The back has the On/Off switch and also the volume control. The back also has the expandable vacuum which you release by simply twisting.

Now my concern is that you want the front and back to be exposed to get the most sound from it but the design doesn’t have any stable stand to do so especially if using a bigger iPod like the Touch. The only solution for this is to go with wires and just use the 3.5mm jack so the Woof is free to stand on its own.

woof 06

Ok so for the sound quality, the Woof is exceptionally loud for its size and build. I used it at the beach and it drowned out the sounds coming from other set-ups of other beach goers without sounding clanky.

Expanding the vacuum is a must as it really gives your music that “œoomph” or “œwoof” and range. I tried my music with the diaphragm collapsed and it sounded flat and lacking. Your only concern is how to prop it well so that the diaphragm won’t hit any surface that would give off vibrations.

Now for battery life, the Woof can go all day provided you use the 3.5mm connection. Slapping an iPod on the 30-pin connector will leech off battery from the Woof into your iPod which is a good or bad thing depending on where you want your juice to go.

If you want a big sound coming from a small portable device, the Woof is alright and costs Php1,500. It’s not made for serious listeners but more for an outside party use as background music for livelier conversations.

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  • Griswold

    that looks unstable and it seemed that it’s easy to topple even if it can stand on its own. baka konting boom boom lang tutumba na.

  • Jon

    X-mini pa din.

  • Etha Baum

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  • Don Michael Jackson

    WOW! I had these speakers 2 years ago when my mom got it from a garage sale for only 5 pesos brandnew. The owner must have thought that it was a piece of junk that’s why he sold it at such a low price. He didn’t know that it costs Php1500 in stores because I assume that someone might have given it to him or something. But guess what? Don’t be fooled by its design. The Woof might look unstable but so far, this is the best sounding portable speaker I have ever had. I’ve had the divoom itour 20 and while it sounds loud for its size, it sounds a little “kulob” or brassy. The x mini 2 sounds similar to the divoom itour 20 and they sound similar as far as sound quality is concerned. So far, nothing comes close to how the Woof sounds. Being a huge MICHAEL JACKSON fan myself, I want to get the best sound I hear when I listen to his songs. “Billie Jean” is the song I use for testing the quality of bass and high notes of speakers. My Woof speaker delivers impressible high notes which do not sound “harsh” compared to xmini or divoom itour 20. Woof sounds full and rich in quality without distortions. Too bad I lost mine when someone stole my bag. I sincerely regret losing it because my mom got it for only 5 pesos and it costs 1500 pesos in stores. I’m seriously considering to get another one because not even x mini or divoom itour 20 come close to woof’s sound.

    Impressibly good sound. Very, very clear sound without distortions
    Does not distort at high volumes
    The high notes are very clear, without harshness
    Very long battery life, can last an entire day of music
    light weight and compact

    The expanding of the speaker vacuum option to enhance the sound can wear out over time like what happened to mine. Take extra caution when expanding the speaker vacuum so that it doesn’t wear out.

    Overall, the Woof speaker sounds better that the x mini or divoom, at least for my taste. The woof delivers the clearest sound among the portable speakers I have had. Not only do the high notes sound good, the bass as well. Overall, the woof speaker delivers a balanced sound which is pleasant to the ears. The main highlight of Woof is its clarity.

  • I have an old Woof speaker system and I lost the manual. Please teach me how to charge the device again… should I put the switch in “Off”, “On” or battery symbol while it is plugged to a power outlet? Thanks!

    • shouldnt matter if the unit’s on or off.