WordPress 2.0 “Duke”

WordPress 2.0 which is baptized by the name Duke has been released and yet, most people would not want to install them as discussed here.

Some of the new features offered by the Duke version that could convince you to download and install it are the following:

Included Spam and Backup Plugins
The built-in plugins are Skippy’s DB backup. It has the capability to back up your database to a file. You could even have a copy of the backup sent to you via e-mail. The other one is the anti-spam system called Askimet.

Live Preview of your Saved Draft
This is one of the cool features of WordPress Duke. You do not have to publish your entry just to see how it would look like on the browser. This is very useful for bloggers that formats the layout of their text entries along with the pictures.

User Roles turn User-Friendly
The old numerical user level system changed to something that is easier to comprehend. And that is the User Roles (i.e. administrator, editor, contributor).

Read more of the new features here.

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  • well, maybe they are still waiting for more plug-ins that would work with wordpress 2.0 and of course bugs.

  • yeah, some of the plugins that i installed are not working with wordpress 2.0 according to the compatibility check list

  • wordpress 2.0 rocks… i moved from zentanglement.com to jlnineteen.com/notes (1.5 and 2.0 respectively) and from a cpanel hosting to a dreamhost hosting service… it was a pain to install a blank version of wp and uploading the msyql dump files, but running the upgrade.php should make it a breeze.

    i also think all the new versions of the plugins rock.

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