Workers for Japan: Robots or Filipinos?

Japan’s humanoid robots: Better than people.

I picked this up from a Slashdot article. The Japanese want their robots to act more like humans – is it due to less robot phobia, or more fear of outsiders and foreigners?

A Filipina nurse is cited as a hypothetical example. Would the Japanese prefer to spend time and effort developing humanoid robots, than let in foreign workers who can do the task?

Then again, Japanese tech companies do recruit Filipinos to work onsite on highly skilled tasks.

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  • no offense to the writer but, who said that japanese are robophobic or afraid of the foreigners in the first place anyway..?

    besides, astroboy have been around since i can remember, how come filipinos (who apparently are just second rate, 2nd best alternative) have something to do with this..? and also, i resent that fellow filipinos just think of us as a cheap source of labor.. because we are better than that..

  • In the first place, Filipinos shouldn’t be aspiring to routine, low-value tasks doable by robots.

  • On the contrary, the Japanese are robot-lovers. And they are alleged xenophobes too. Those angles explored in the Slashdot article.

  • if their are going to build a robot as a substitute to harassed japayuki’s, i think thats a good news..

    oh my god, skype 2.0 and japanese making humanoid robots, does that mean we are going to have a f*cking doll 2.0 as well..?

  • Hansen Dy

    I certainly would not want robots replacing GROs.

  • maruma

    actually Pinoys are not anymore cheap source of labor…India and China offer way below the asking price of Pinoys…

    for now our advantage from them is our Eglish proficiency but sooner or later they will be able to catch up…and while these countries are advancing their technical skills we, Pinoys, are sliding backward in our education…

    robostitute(robot-prostitute) is not far-fetch idea considering the Japs disturbing sexual ideas…