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World of Warcraft Farming in Cebu

Thanks to Max Limpag, Now this is the perfect job. He found an ad for Virtual Commodities Exchange, which is in their words:

a group of professional gamers,with a passion for excellence in being the best of the best. We acquire virtual commodities (gold, armor, weapons, items, etc.) through skills and techniques we learn and sell the excess in wholesale to fund and serve our cause of research for the ultimate gaming experience.

Is it all that good, or is it a “Third world MMOG sweatshop?” You can read about that business culture at Secrets of Massively Multiplayer Farming and Wage Slaves.

Blizzard does not allow trading in WoW gold and items and the account holders face sanctions and crackdowns.

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  • Rumors has it that even GMs of MMORPGs are involve in manipulating online items.

  • We have had a quite lengthy debate on this. Whatever anyone’s philosophical views are, it is still against the rules. It’s funny that people use technicalities to pass it off as something that is allowed. Tsk tsk.

    Anyway, check out this link to the thread:


  • VC Exchange are on the move to make a mark in the online secondary market, maybe more from me on this later

  • also on a note of banning, they cant stop people from buying, sony has already took its own stand with sony exchange, will blizzard do the same? rather than letter others earn off of it, they can earn of it

  • If they hope to survive, they’d best make an under-the-table deal with Blizzard.

  • No they can survive without making a deal with Blizzard as even IGE is surviving without a deal with Blizzard. The whole market is like a real industry, there are those who produce the ‘gold’, the farmers, then they resell it to the retailers like IGE who then deliver it to the customers who buy. They might ban the farmers, but that won’t be IGE’s loss if they only buy what they need. As far as the ‘its against the rules’ stand, its a grey area which has yet to be proven in court, though in China and Korea they have had rulings where time played is worth real compensation in money. Korea is also having its game companies change their EULA’s to be more compliant and less unfair to customers.

  • It isn’t a grey area. Blizzard themselves says it isn’t allowed. They don’t need to go to court for them to say it isn’t allowed. Saying that it isn’t explicitly said in the ToS or EULA and hence OK is a technicality. What I hate the most about this is how putting a name behind something frowned upon by Blizzard and most users makes something suddenly legitimate.

  • Unforunately isnt allowed doesnt mean isnt legal, thats why lots of people are doing it. and lots of customers are buying.

  • In the end though, the whole business is based on a philosophy … their philosophy with the hopes that things will change in the future, but absolutely no guarantees. They can argue about how great it is for gamers who they pay to play (which really isn’t like Migz has said 3rd World MMOG Sweatshop), or how great their company is, in the end, their business is based on fluff. This goes to all organizations that offer these kinds of services without the blessing of the developers.

  • In the gaming-enabled world envisioned by David Wong, virtual item trade will be more than just “fluff”. 😉

  • Brian Lim

    Hello, max. We will be moving out of our test phase and physically be moving into our new building and our new found company. I would welcome that interview you requested to clear out notions that we are not a sweatshop (Sadly mainly exist in China) but a professional company very much involved and interested in the gamers welfare. Please get in touch with me and I will gladly give you a tour.

    There was initial misconceptions about our company, with such a new industry this is expected. I’m glad it’s been cleared out and we can work on progressing. Things are not always perfect but we’d always like to be right on top of things =)

    I believe you have conducted some interviews with me before, and you held the cyberpromdi xmas party at my residence before =)

    Mike, if you look through IGE’s about us section under their team you will notice exec’s that prevously used to work with SONY and blizzard =) That should give you a hint.

    I noticed vern is here too, he’s been active with his views. What I can say is that we are not selling the currency and items itself intead we are charging for the time it takes to acquire those items in behalf of our clients.

    I earnestly appreciate your sentiments but if I may enlighten you it’s not only in the hopes that changes with the future it’s happening now. Next generation MMOG’s are including the secondary market in their services. Bliizzard has left a gap in this which has given companies like IGE and us an opportunity. Besides this isn’t our only turf, we have plans to develop MMOG’s ourself look forward to more integration of this in the future =)

    Have a good weekend guys!

  • Nathan Lee

    its so nice to know lots of filipinos playing online…..great job!!!

  • Hellbunny

    My brothers and I play WoW for free on


    Hope you can join us. It’s FREE. The server is stable. The GMs/admins really help with issues/bugs. Rates are high. We’re recruiting more members in our ally guild – Lords of Alliance (Skuld server). We’d like to see more fellow pinoys join as well!

  • well if you like a filipino hoster WoW Server

    well try this FRESH and a great PVP server

    http://ugn.dl.am (forums)
    http://ugnwow.dl.am (website)

    This is made by a Filipino lets support them by playing in the server

  • i play wow and dota .. but i like dota than wow , here in cebu , after our work at 5:30 we play in our office .. the owner of our business is okay with us playing dota .. i love playing that game .. i use leviathan as my hero in dota

  • Well guys eto Pinoy World of Warcraft community


  • Go WOW!
    Nice site anyway!!!

  • donny

    ive been working in gaming center also for a few months… it was very fun to have these guys…. every “wow” maintenance other guys are flying.. going to the mini store and buy lots of beer…. but it was really nice to be a part of that company… =P lol

  • donny

    and i still remember when i was stil there!!! =P im still working in a gaming center in manila, also “wow” but “korean” server… i cant understand what they’re chatting to me>…… lol.. hope to see you soon guys….. “mga bro. kayasa nmo bro oi”
    “freakened”= havavavvava… haiiivaaa

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