World’s first 6TB SSD to go on sale in July

If you need more local storage space, this might pique your interest. Japanese company Fixstar has announced that it will begin to sell what it claims to be the ‘world’s first six-terabyte Solid State Drive’ in two months.

Suitable for large-scale use such as data and media centers, the SSD-6000M presents itself to be a larger-capacity version of the SSD-1000M and SSD-3000M which has 1TB and 3TB capacities, respectively, and were announced back in February. It measures 9.5mm thick and weighs 97 grams. It consumes 6W, and 3W when idle. The SSD connects to the computer through a SATA-600 interface.


Fixstar specs for the SSD reads that it has read/write speeds of up to 540MB/s which is done by its internal specs — a 15 nm MLC NAND, and a specially-made controller that the company guarantees a consistent performance.

These Fixstar SSDs have a three-year warranty, and are reported to be on sale starting late July. Pre-orders are now being taken, but the price can be acquired via request. If we base it in its 1TB model that sports a 98,000 yen price tag or Php 36,600 when directly converted, we can say that the 6TB variant will definitely poke some pockets of those interested to buy the device.

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