Would you upgrade to Vista?

Microsoft has now published Vista’s hardware requirements at its Get Ready site.

Minimum requirements:

  • 800Mhz processor
  • 512MB memory
  • DirectX 9 capable video card

To avail of Vista’s advanced capabilities, which include its Aero interface, you would need at least:

  • 1 Ghz processor
  • 1 GB memory
  • DirectX 9 capable video card with at least 128MB memory
  • DVD-ROM drive

Based on experience, my Windows XP Pro ran smoothly only when I upgraded to 512MB memory, despite Microsoft’s claim that its “optimal” requirement is 128MB (would you believe that the minimum requirement is 64MB?).  So it probably means that Vista will require 1.5GB to 2GB memory.  With probably a video card with 256MB video memory.

So will you upgrade?

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  • I don’t know 🙁

  • Obviously yes, becuase in time Vista will be the standard Microsoft’s OS and it will be used by most of the companies.

    But right now, Im not going to buy a pc because of Vista, I’ll stay with XP sp2 dual boot with linux.

  • my Windows XP Pro ran smoothly only when I upgraded to 512MB memory

    hmmm. it depends on what you do, what you run, patience and “speed” perception. yes, 64MB will suffice for non-power-users who are not into the net.

    my XP Pro on a Thinkpad x23 (PIII / 256MB) ran smoothly even with an Oracle DB and a whopping WebSphere app server.

    for vista, why not. it aims to solve a lot of our XP woes and provides for the eye-candy lovers.

  • Three words: Get A Mac!

  • It said 1GB only to run Windows, not Office nor Photoshop, just Windows. Hahaha..

    Anyway, I think Vista will only sell big to home users. Companies will not move to Vista at once, unless their IT guys are big fans of MS or bound in a contract to.

  • i will wait until all the bugs have been quashed and when i will run applications that are optimized for Vista.

  • A Mac Mini looks mighty fine at this point.

  • Doubt that I will ever go back to Windows. Unless there’s really a mighty fine app I need that would run only on it. Otherwise, I am sticking with Linux 😀

    And the costs of upgrading the hardware would be too painful… Yikes. Those requirements for Windows alone could make the finance officer of a small company cry…

  • PoshNeya

    So will you upgrade?

    nahh. ill go Linux.

  • ian

    ill stick with my kubuntu. vista is such a system hog. if every fool in this planet upgrades to vista, then mas lalong lalala ang global warming!! kasi, pag nag vista ca on your x86 PC, u hav no choice, kundi itapon mo na lang yan.

  • Jesse A.

    I just did and I’m loving it.