Xbox 360 Launch Not Bug Free

This is to be expected and not because it’s from Micro$oft ok? No first gen console ever made it out of the manufacturing plant bug-free.

We all know about the reports of Xbox 360’s freezing on Live, in the dash, and in-game (particularly Project Gotham Racing 3). Well Microsoft have finally spoken about the problems to Reuters.

Microsoft spokeswoman Molly O’Donnell told Reuters, “We have received a few isolated reports of consoles not working as expected.” She went on to say that, “With any launch of this magnitude, you’re bound to see something happening.”

Granted, the Xbox 360 launch was of a significant magnitude in that a world wide launch is a massive undertaking, but then again there are these shortages… Was anyone really prepared for the large amount of posts that people have been making all over Xbox 360 fan sites (this one included)?

O’Donnell further said that the number of calls they have recieved about the problems is small, and as they expected. People suffering from the problems can call 1-800-4MY-XBOX to troubleshoot the issues.

Here’s a video clip of Project Gotham Racing 3 crashing.

My recommendation? Wait for the modchips 😉

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  • I don’t know how modchips are going to stop the 360s from crashing. Sony, Nintendo, or the first Xbox never had a show-stopping bug. Shame on you MS. I wonder if there are certain conditions that produce this or this was just a fluke.

  • Or try PS3, with lots of titles at launch 😉

  • Still, the real winner of the war is IBM as it powers the three consoles, 360, PS3, and Revolution.

  • When the PS3 does launch, the 360 will be established and the number of launch titles won’t matter.

  • Vern, when the modchips come out I reckon we’ll have the patched console versions already 🙂 but yeah, modchips per se don’t have anything to do with the console bugs.

  • anyone got a 360 yet?

  • mikel

    try PS3, im hoping for legend of the dragoon to evolve juz like finalfantasy

  • Titles matter because the hardware is not exactly or the only thing that can decide the winner of the console war, but the games. This was already discussed in lots of forums. Even I myself still play games on old consoles (read NES, SNES) because there are really good games even though those are old.

    Speaking of games, this trailer looks cool,

  • I still go for ps3 I love Sony!